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PH8DM1: The Hall Of Atrocities

Alt Download:

- 1 on 1, 2 on 2
- 4 DM starts, 2 NG, 2 SS, 1 SNG, 1 GL

"This place bears history... a history not worth repeating. It is an archaic exhibit of medieval horrors, preserved for human curiosity... preserved in hopes that the massacres would not happen again. The architects of this morbid memorial had not a thought of the future use of this place, where more personal massacres would take place in deathmatch events.

With it's foundation of human bones cast amid clay and soil, the hall's reverance grew as centuries passed on. Each tile was formed from a mix of bone dust and metals. Each tile, bearing a remnant of something... of someone. Thieves would laborously remove them - sometimes for personal decor, but mostly for money. Atrocities capitalized.

Who knows what new atrocities these halls may witness again? Perhaps somehow, it lives through others, a gloating evil staring down from every skull bordering the halls. Waiting evermore, and ready."

And thank you for trying/playing :D
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when the map has dead end, gameplay ends up in cat & mouse fashion. i.e. dead ends destroys smooth gameflow.

ps, wtf with qurnel and the site? i'll erase teh account damnit ;) 
I Think 
Deadends can be both good and bad. Recall Q2DM1, where one of the RL is. Powerful weapon, but a risk getting it: dead end, and ambush from above.

I wasn't too sure how PH8DM1 would play, but it was for 1 on 1 so I didn't feel I had to go all out on flow. Opinions may differ. I'm going to do something better for PH8DM2, naturally. 
I Don't See 
any strategy there. only catching the moment when your opponent is away and thinks you're somewhere else but not in the dead end. you have to manage to get in/out of there during that rare occasion. and i prefer strategy in 'run and shoot' style of gameplay rather than camping deadends...

yes i suck and thx for the link 
There was a second exit from the RL in q2dm1 -- you could rocket jump up through that hole to the hallway with the window. But obviously, you take some damage to get there. 
y do you wot to now i do not now you so i am not telln you ok so glt lostr ok naw 
Yea Ok Naw 
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