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Burial-Grounds Level Design Competition Announced
Burial Grounds have announced their first mapping contest for Quake 3. The "..challenge is to create an environment with an engaging theme, thick ambiance and stunning visuals, all without sacrificing gameplay." Sounds fun huh?

The grand prize is an ipod mini.
( )

More details and registration information available here:
so... the idea is the make a good map? 
can i have an ipodmini for not doing anything at all? =) 
sure if you buy it :)

yeah we are looking for heavilly themed, well rounded maps :) 
Which Size Should The Maps Be? 
Big, medium, tourney?
And the desciption of the r_speeds maximum is very vague, could be anything from 8.000 to 20.000 ... 
Given The BG Level Packs 
I'd say medium-large (tending mroe towards large) FFA DM's that are reasonably open. 
Medium/Large FFA - Openness Is Not A Requirement :) 
As with many of our rules, we intentionally left the r_speeds requirements vague, we did not want to stifle any creativity by setting a strict limit. But at the same time, we dont want people going overboard. This question was actually brought up in our forums, and there is more of an in-depth discussion of it here:

Basically we want to see some gorgeous, inventive, creative maps that arent too tied down by technical restrictions.. but still remain reasonable enough to play.

I hope some of you choose to sign up. Good luck to those of you who do, and thanks a lot for taking an interest :) 
I looked at the Viralis map pack. Those maps are freaking amazing. I don't see how I could possibly compete with anything of that calibre. 
i registered my intent to enter. 
Ah What The Hell 
I registered my intent to suck. 
i registered my intent to do nothing. 
Im done, where do I send my map ? 
What's with 'theme'?

Is that just using some single word concept like "fire" or "rabbits", or can it include more standard stuff such as "a run-down industrial mining facility on mars"? 
heh, I'd like to see a map based off that theme. 
you think you want to see that, believe me, thats something no man should see 
nonetity: He means, make up your own to stick with. Seriously, look at the map pack they have linked on the site, it shows how 'themed' things should be.

Speedy: go read the damn site, it says there. And if you've only taken a few days to make a map when given 2 months, I wouldn't expect to do very well :D 
I tried to clearify a bit on the bg forums.

Basically, its what scampie said. The theme can be as simple or complex as you want, just so long as you have one :)

Well thought out themes and well exectuted themes will result in more points of course.

Glad to see some of you guys signing up :) Looking forward to seeing your maps! 
the theme is important because so many Q3 maps out there are completely lacking in any theme whatsoever... I'd figure thats the easiest part.

nonentity, do the rabbit theme... yeah

i'll model a carrot for you ^_^ 
So anyone want to recommend some ideas? Maybe there's some hot new texture set out there begging to be used. 
there's the new ecel (el shading set) and eq2 (q2 base type tex) texture sets by evilair. 
Those are pretty sweet. 
Those don't look quite as cool, but I do appreciate the links. It would be nice if new texture pack releases were anounced here since I don't keep up with the other sites. 
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