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Speedmapping Site... Plus Some Goodies!
Well, Quake 1 speedmapping has a home now! The place for new and old speedmap packs, plus turtlemaps!

"But!" you say, "You can't make news updates about new sites, Scampie! That's just lunacy!"

Well never fear! We also got some good stuff in the 'Special Edition' section! An expanded version of SM57_Pulsar which is totally awesome, and a mini-episode of RPG expanded maps, all coming from our 'Four Seasons of Quake' megatheme we had a month or so ago. Check the maps out!
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But they're too short and easy...

Yes, the shortness is certainly a factor, but... too easy? I must be getting soft in my old age.

Also, yes I quite agree with you about the end map. That style was fun to work with. Thanks for the comments. 
The red armor isn't necessary even on nightmare run. I got 31 secs by not taking it and by not killing the first two ogres. 
Speaking Of Speedruns 
Even though you can complete the map in under two minutes while playing normally, RPGSMSE4 has some speedrunning potential. There are several route choices in that map. 
I know, but that would take skill I don't possess. I did't take the red armour on the easy run. You got a demo by the way?
played on normal, dont knwo if you tweaked that or only tweaked hard like Pulsar. 
Pulsar Speedruns

23 on easy
28 on nightmare

improvable by a few seconds each.

as for rpgsmse4. 23 secs, but I've tried a route which would give 21 or something like that. haven't got time to fix that as I'm off to the countryside. 
I had 5 here's rpg4 in 021. improvable by a few secs, didn't have enough time to make a good looking run :( 
nitin: Yes, I tweaked all skill settings. The strange thing is that most of the testers played on normal, so it seems like I would have found out if it was too easy. *shrug*

lodis: Cool! With bunnying that looks like it's a quicker route than getting a boost from the knight. 
you can always add a grenadepush from the knight or just time a grenade right and still have enough health for the last gl-jump :) 
Hmm... are we talking about the same thing? Looking back, what I said was ambiguous. What I meant was using the damage from the knight to jump up onto the ledge/stairs, instead of running around and pressing the button to activate the stairs.

But yes, getting a boost by bouncing a grenade off a monster is always an option. 
first off, there's only a knight on nightmare skill so that idea won't work for easy skill.
and I tried, it's slower :)
my route with an extra grenadeboost would be the optimal route. I think.

as for the other levels...
1: good for bunnying, I just wish the maker had added some kind of armour so you could survive a barrelboost from the gold key to the exit. without that shortcut the level is a bit too straight forward speedrunning-wise

2: will be fun for running. someone will manage to get straight over to the exit-teleport with ogre grenades or fiend boosts.

3: too straightforward, too easy.

5: no point in running this map is there.... 
Played The Extended Editions 
and I thought both paks were very good, especially PuLSaR's. I found it well lit, nice oldskool architecture/textures and gameplay challenging in a fun way.

Great maps, guys! I hope other speedmaps also get a similar treatment, there are a lot of potential material. 
Way To Go RPG! 
I had fun playing your maps -- they were balanced with good ammo for the following levels. I got too frustrated on the last one, but that's ok because those were 5 good speedmaps each with varying and well thought out themes.

I like my bosses spread out across level, not hanging out having a party in one! Anyway good stuff KUGW. 
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