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SpeedTech Textures Released
Over 100 sci-fi/industrial mapper-friendly textures, designed with q3 in mind. JPG format, shader script included.


MANY hours of hard work put into these textures, hope you can find a use to them. Suggestions and comments appreciated. I could make some changes to make the set even more mapper-friendly.

author's site:
Ok Then... 
This are a wonderful set... [drools]...[/drools]

Probably redundent to axe... BUT I'd rather axe for permission than forgiveness.

As per my usual, may I use these in Q2 and shorten the file names a tad? There is a limit on the name length and the long original names seem to exceed it a bit.

I have made a few conversions so far and curved the RGB just enough to hold the integrity of the originals. They look great.

Will await your permission... 
I Might Of Asked This Before.. 
but how do I get these textures to show in GTK Radiant 1.2.1 and Q3.

Where do I put them? 
Title Cannot Be Empty 
In your baseq3 folder, textures in texture folder, using folder names, would end up xxxx\baseq3\textures\speedtech_all
and the file speedtech.shader would go in your scripts folder,

But probably the easiest would be just to change the extention from .zip to .pk3 (after all a pk3 file is really just a renamed zip file) then place the .pk3 file in your baseq3 folder and bobs your uncle

Of course, I could be wrong :) 
Done That 
but it still isn't showing up in Radiant, am I supposed to set something up in there? 
I Had That Prob 
Radiant only shows the first x many textures (x is probably something like 1024). Try swapping some custom textures you're not using into a folder outside of baseq3. 
It's Ok Now 
I just ust the load directory thing instead, seems to work ok.

Nice textures 
Here You Go 
As I said it in the readme...

You are free to use the textures for non-commercila projects. Go ahead and modify textures for other games, (just dont calim them as yours then)
I dont mind if you cut/combine or recolor the texture, afterall you could do the same with brushwork or colored light. Don forget to credit me and mention my url please.

Installation: (c`n`p from the readme)

1. Extract the zip file in the BASEQ3 directory keeping the folder structure
(or just move it there and rename from .zip to pk3)
2. Goto the SCRIPTS sub-directory under the BASEQ3 and in the file SHADERLIST.TXT
add the line at the bottom (the name of the .sahder) : speedtech

AND another thing: you have to uncheck 'display shader.txt only' (or something like that) in order for all the folders to show. Also, as said above, there is a limit on the maximum paks (or textures, not sure), hence you may need to clean your baseq3 folder.

Hope its clear now... 
Thank you Speedy, I read the "Read Me" but then again... Well Ummmmmm... Errrrrrr, it is Q2 I am making stuff for =)

Scourge34 Been Kind To Mirror The Textures 
So if you have problems with fileplanet there you go: 
you rock! very nice set! 
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