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About Lovecraft,Necronomican,and Other Stuffs
Well,though I'm not western,I still have strong interest toward those ancient stories...
1.Do you believe in Demons/strange seals/etc.?
I thought most of you are followers of rational

2.Anyone has got some research(seriously) on these?
I resume that the reseacher has to learn latin, ancient greek?
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Well,I Feel Sorry For My English... 
hope that's understandable...
BTW I heard that many games are influrenced by Lovecraft,right? 
We Re 
all followers of the dark unspeakable cults. 

Should provide you with interesting material. The func_ crew was at the top of its form there.

By rational, you mean us Westerners in general?

If we were rational would we have allowed our political leaders to waste our accumalitive wealth (taking a toll on our standard of living) on a war to topple the one ruthless dictator who was keeping the Middle East from exploding in the first place?

Well, I'll accept your flattery even though I feel it is a bit misplaced. 
You're rational. Oil. 
Headthump: stop trolling already, that has nothing to do with the question/topic here.

As for Lovecraft, is filled with his writings and info. 
HeadThump Isn't Trolling 
Levelworm used a curious adjective to describe his impression of Westerners; I just wanted to see what he meant. After all, it is curiosity that has been addressed since Achebe's Things Fall Apart. I'm just putting his question in a broader context.

I assume he is asking a question on Western metaphysical belief. How does an interest in Lovecraftian fiction and mythos square with the western positivist mindset.

1) To most of us who are interested in Lovecraft his fiction describes a malevolent universe, and the metaphysics of demonology we don't take very seriously.
2) Lovecraftian fiction is science fantasy in that he used what was known at the time as a rationale to justify the improbable possibility of his creatures existing. 
this is just a personal opinion of mine, not an attack, i think your a cool guy, but:

you have a tendency to cross-reference subjects, and over complicate issues when you post.

When complex issues are being discussed, scholars try to delineate, clarify and simplify their arguments, and concentrate specifically on relevant points.

In short,
[1] focus
[2] simplify not complicate.

simplicty is actually *harder* to achieve than complexity, and also much more useful. :) 
i could be completely wrong. :p

part of my personal preference, is that i just prefer a clear, simple style of writing and debate. 
That's Cool, Underworld Fan 
I get what you are saying. I rely on too many inferences, and assume the reader will make the connection where one subject of thought is related to another. I'll keep that in mind, avoid flames, and finish levels. A personal promise from me to you. 
Oh, Btw, UF, You've Reminded Me 
my e-mail client is working again. I'm going to vis my latest map build when I get home tonight. It is not playable yet, as the entities are embarrassingly non functional, but it will give you an idea of what I'm going for, and all of the architecture is there, though sparse in places. So look forward to an alpha .bsp later on tonight. 1:30 PM EST. at this time, around 10:00 PM if the vis is anything like the last one. 
please stop posting so many posts on this board, i'm bored scrolling through them all.
could you please join #terrafusion channel on, you'll get proper treatment and hot auditory for your ramblings there ;) 
Levelworm asked a few questions, and so far, I am the only one who has attempted to answer them. 
Quips And Sending Him 
away to other sources don't count ;-}~ 
Switch to 1024x768 from 640x480 so the scrolling won't be a bitch anymore. 
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