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Cats 2: SP Map For Unreal And Unreal Tournament
This level is based around a large bright open (non-canyon) outdoor setting, with terrain and additional areas creating a range of battle situations. "Unreal Zero" modified gameplay emphasizes action combat, but with the extra complexities of the Unreal beasts and weapons.

I Wasn't Tough Enough... 
to get through without cheats. If you like hoard combat and are pretty fast (I must be slowing down with age), get this. The Cat Bombs are unique in concept (makes you wonder what they are) and the Tardis hut effect was unexpected. The very end is confusing - I wasn't exactly sure if I could or should be doing anything at this point.

This level is either an experiment or its directed at those who love getting swarmed. A more exploratory and less hectic series of maps with an integrated story (like Unreal itself) with some explanation on what those Cat Bombs are would have been better. 
If you like hoard combat and are pretty fast (I must be slowing down with age), get this.

I'll take that as a reasonable enough recomendation, although I think it stops a little short of a "horde" -- not giant groups to mow down anyway. Knowing the weapons, etc. will help substitute for being fast. Techniques are fairly evident but can take some experimentation. Not many are into wild action SP and know Unreal, but then those things weren't really combined before.

The very end is a kind of "coda" yes weird to have something peaceful at the end of this. Thing I wanted to include and had to put it at the end so it could be skipped. You can enjoy, mess around or just hold down forward and make it through to the little concluding bit.

The Cat Bombs are both a weird appearance I dreamed up (literally) and an explanation for why the combat changed and things are getting weird, not really something I want to resolve ;) . 
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