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New Quake DM Map
There is new brushpile appeared on horizon entitled - Uzuldaroum. It's small and for duels. Screenhots, download and info here:
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zzjzz, Blitz and I just had a few fun romps on this. zzjzz 0wned us all, but it was quite fun. Blitz and I were constantly trying to "de-throne" John from the RA room, and he kept wh00ping us. ;) Powerups were off, and it was very cool.

Oh, and the secret is a bit too easy. :/ 
the link to the file is a 404 
The fact that it's so dark kinda hides the excellent brush work and texturing. 
the link to the file is a 404 
works now, weird 
The big V maps on still? Respect... I'll have to check it out when I get home. 
20 extra monsters in DMSP senses another hidden Single player section (ala zed2).....

but i havent found it yet. 
I Railed All Your Shamblers !


Nice map layout, feels like koohoo again .
BTW, do you DM quake at Nival ? 
thanks for the comments doods

speedy, nope :( 
Found the pent by accident ( I rocket jump like a tigger on speed ) and the secret not long after. I think the jungle ruins theme is really well done, with the combination of vegetation and temple textures. The loose bricks, small apertures and cavities all add to the mood of something lush, yet past its prime. Cool things. 
Visual Comments 
Aesthetically, my only complaint is that there is too much sun, and that makes it a little too bright in the main rooms. 
Vondur, You Rock! 
Nice work here. Omicrons are not too bad with the provided waypoints, but I'll look forward to playing against some humans when I get the chance.

This map has a really nice atmosphere, very peaceful when you just wander around on your own. I like the way the light filters down into the water - it looks really nice with r_wateralpha 0.6, staring up into the night sky from underwater...

Oh, and the SP is pretty fun too... DMSP is even better 8) 
i cant find the secret to get to the monsters in SP mode, anyone want to enlighten me? 
Kell already gave you a clue... 
...and an email ;) 
Alt Dl 
has anyone got an alternate download location, i dont like gamespy and don't wanna have to register for whatever 
dont register, use the username qmap and the email qmap@qmap. 
This Is Why... 
im not @ planetquake, however that will change once i get more maps up and download requests...

though i'd rather not, i hate registering too 
Kell and Tyrann, thanks for the comments :)

BTW, there will be Q3 version of this map soon, be ready ;) 
waiting for it vondur, hope you up the brushwork detail a bit though. 
Uzuldaroum - Q3A 
If Khaooohs is anything to go by, that's gonna be worth waiting for. Will the Muscovite Mapper retain the jungle ruins theme? That would be an unusual look for a Q3A map :)
Btw Von, congrats on the job. 
nitin, q3 allows much more polys, and i'm gonna use this :)

kell, sure it'll be jungle ruins theme :)
and thanks :) 
Check Next Weeks Pq Lotw 
Great map von <smile> 
thanks, will check for sure ;) 
Pq Lotw For Q1 
hasnt been updated for a year!
what a shame 
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