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Speedmap #67
Speedmap 67 is done! There are 6 singleplayer Quake maps here done by 4 authors! A few new faces this week, Jacek and Headthump, plus regulars Xen and Zwiffle made up some good maps this week.

The weeks theme was 'Quantity over Quality' and most mappers stuck right to it. See some little pictures and download the pack at the speedmapping site. Enjoy!
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Bwah - my map without cheats.. took longer than necros's though - zwiffle's first map, killing everything without losing a single HP :D

I'd like to see demos of someone completing jacek's 2nd map without cheats ;-) 
hehe, it's funny because you called me a tit. :)

i figured as much though, when i had no shells and only nails... so i cheated. :) those give commands are great! ;) 
'Last Night in Paris Was Strange' He he. Couldn't resist. My nom du online is a deriviation from a QueensRyche tune (since MindCrime is already taken). But I love Vore fights like that.

'I'd like to see demos of someone completing jacek's 2nd map without cheats ;-)' I don't think that is likely to happen. The three boss demons raising up like that was a crapinyourpantsspactacular moment. I noticed Jacek's maps used some really colorful (esp for Quake) textures. 
Necros' Map Was The 
best of the bunch, eerie lighting and great gameplay. Nice trick with the pentagram, although I first decided to go for the Shamblers without it and when I came back the penta was gone ... Who stole my power-up?

Xen's was repetitive and really short on health in the middle and thus very hard, but still a good challenge if you're up to it. Damn those Ogres above ...

HeadThump's had lighting problems and annoying gameplay, especially the end part. I also didn't know what to do so I GJ into the caged area and then suddenly I stumbled into an exit. The beginning was good though, always nice to wake up next to a DBS and a Fiend. Reminds me of the old mexx map where you take on 3-4 angry Fiends immediately ...

Zwiffle's 1st looked nice but was too dark. Gameplay was OK but repetitive; spin around until all the Vores were down. This map threw me into his 2nd and I thought it was a mistake having the RL, so I restarted just to find out that I really would need the RL anyway. And a quad. And then some ... Bad gameplay here and leaky, too. Not too bad looks, though.

Jacek's both maps were hoard massacres in badly textured boxes. But both followed the theme accurately ...

How about the theme Quality over Quantity
Thanks For The Comments, AquiRe 
except for shadowed area that hid the nail gun, I thought the lighting sucked too. If you decompiled it, you'll notice I took out a lot of _null points that just weren't doing it for me. I have a question for you, but it is of a technical nature, so I'm gonna put it over in the map help area. The next map for next week, I'm planning everything well in advanced before I even touch a brush. 
Did Jacek's 2nd Map On The First Run Actually. 
now try a 100% run. 
Dang Megazoid, 
You made a liar out of me! 
An Alternative... 
...way of doing Zwiffle's first map without losing a single HP. Almost 3 times as fast as Xen. :-) I would have liked to have done it 5 seconds faster but dodging vore balls on the narrow stairs is such a pain I got fed up.

Well done everyone. These maps were quite entertaining. The 3 chthons room was a little tricky to survive, I'll admit. :-) 
'Quantity Over Quality' 
Uh HUH. As if quality has any role to play normally.

Xen's kept me going though. 
Bleh, I wasn't going for time :-p

Managed to do it again just now in 1:19, first try.. but dammit I aint no speedrunner ;-)

Megazoid, I was actually reffering to a 100% run too btw ;-)

*is delighted at receiving the Shambler seal of approval once more* :D 
The seal of "I don't loathe you quite as much as anyone else for making my life a misery playing these maps" :P 
i'm still at a loss as to why you insist on playing the maps when you know you're going to hate them...

it's like turning on the radio to a pop station when you hate pop. 
Because he secretly enjoys them. It's the same reason people don't watch homo porn when their friends are around, but then goes out and makes jokes about AIDS meaning Another Infected Dick Sucker. 
That sounded a lot more serious than it was supposed. 
He Loathes Me, He Loathes Me Not 
You can't go through life pleasing the critics (except for that amazingly wise UnderWorldfan) nor letting them set the standards for your artform or indulgent hobby (ditto the last sycophantic parenthetical statement). Take the movies for instance. Did any of the reviewers give SuperTroopers a good rating? Of course not, after all, it was a horrible piece of dumbass crap but, man, I laughed my ass off watching it.
So the lesson here, is, I hope you guys laugh your asses off (at me) playing my crappy speedmaps. Tell me how bad they suck, I could use the feedback. Whatever trips your trigger, I'm down with. 
That may have sounded more serious than it was supposed to of sounded as well. I don't completely get my own humor sometimes.

'people don't watch homo porn when their friends are around'

Reminds me of a friend I had in college. We would watch porn and he would slow down the tapes on the blowjob scenes. I would tell him, 'hey, what are you doing? Fast forward that -- she still has her clothes on.' Of course, he came out of the closest a few years ago. 
Well, Okay 
'Of course, he came out of the closest a few years ago.'

Well, okay, the story is more interesting than that -- he spent 1800 dollars a few years back on a very convincing tranny. 
Was his name Bobby Brown? 
Oh Common 
Whitney Houston isn't that convincing. 
If coke makes girls look like that, girls stay away from the coke! 
I don't do crack Diana; I'm too good for crack. 
Yup I secretly enjoy playing speedmaps AND watching homo pr0n... of those I am considerably more ashamed of that the other :P. 
I had fun. I was bored, and SM67 helped fill an hour enjoyably.

I wish I'd played Xen's last instead of Jacek's, though. :( 
How speed can map the decently killing... 
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