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Final - Pjw3quickie4 - The Small Place
This is the result of about 20 hours of work--the last few mostly spent messing with lighting. :)

These quickie maps are a bit of a loosening up exercise for me, and this one started with me wondering "Gee, how small of a map could I make and still have it be fun?"

Changes from the beta:
-added megahealth + nook
-added another YA
-added a jacket armor (CPMA)
-added a bit more health and a few more shards
-moved RL to new side area up high
-lit up jumppads a bit
-new crate textures
-various minor crap

Textures by Rorshach, crates by Karloff, sky by Jaj. Thanks to all, and thanks to ydnar for q3map2 goodness.


Download: (~1.3 meg)

(And if you have the beta, delete it, or you may have issues . . .)
Cool level pjw! I really liked the lighting in it especially. Which really made the level feel like it was out in a desert installation or something. 
The lighting probably took way more time than it should have, only because I decided I didn't really like it initially, and spent about 3 hours trying different settings and switches on q3map2, and then ended up settling on something very close to what I started with.

Glad you like it. :) 
Screenie #2 Shows Much Verticality... 
/me downloads. 
How Did The Pak File Get Smaller Than The Beta? 
I compiled the final with a new dev version of q3map2 that has Cool New Lightmap Consolidation Stuff (tm).

The final actually has a few more textures and a higher-quality light compile than the beta. :) 
Adorooooooooooo o quakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 
I played on the beta for about an hour and half and had a blast of a good time. the map was pretty tight, the bots tended to stumble around the crates tho' which looked kinda goofy. I look forward to checkin out the final when I get home tonight whoooo 
Don't You Love How PQ Works? 
News of a new map from one of their own hostees and they link to the news update here rather than just directly to pjw's site... 
that's interesting. Usually they are careful only to link to func when it's their only choice. For example, once the speedmap site relaunched, they started linking there instead of here, even though they probably found out about it from here. 
Probably because I haven't updated my site with the new map yet. :p 
Nice Vertical... 
Just a quick "thumb's up" and props for this map; love the vertical action, bombing grens from the top is great. Ace. 
I'm a big fan of vertical myself, even to the point of overdoing it sometimes and/or wanting to have a lot of height variation in every map, whether it's really warrented and improves gameplay or not. Have to kind of restrain myself sometimes . . . :)

Glad you like it. 
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