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New Q2 DM Map - Cerulean Moon
This is a fairly large, space/mountain-top/terrain map deal. The idea with this one was to make complex terrian with extreme z-axis fighting and decent connectivity. There are two version, one for standard play (marics87)the other for the Awakening mods (m87a). It is big, blue and easy to fall off of.


Damn FP 
There's a 30 minute queue. 
Gave It A Look 
The semi-transparent crystals are cool, but the quake2 guy seems to slide around on the slopes like it was ice. Also, it was really, really dark. 
This looks nice, though some other asteroid pieces (maybe there are some that I can't see in the screenshots) would have been a cool addition. Your maps for Q2DM are always great, I've played several but my favourite is Pile O' Rocks, which is actually what this map looks a lot like :)

Keep up the good work, next time I play a match of Q2 I'll give this a try.

And yeah, damn FP. "And how did you get to be king? BY EXPLOITING THE WORKERS!!!" 
Only 30 Mins? 
how about a 100+ minute queue on fp --- need more download mirrors. 
Not A Bad Map... 
well executed, nice simple layout. The cobweb is a suprisingly fitting choice for a jump-pad, even though it doesn't make sense. Gives a "Spiders From Beyond the Moon" feel. The skybox is the only real dissapointment -- it's not perspective correct, so it looks like a bunch of stars painted on the inside of someone's bedroom. 
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