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Level Designer Jobs Available
Splash Damage, London, recruiting for Doom 3 engine game.

In a continuation of our successful collaboration with id Software and Activision we have started production of a new full game based on the cutting-edge Doom 3 engine.

Splash Damage is a London-based independent game studio. We have completed work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The game has won several Game of the Year and Editor�s Choice awards and has been nominated for a BAFTA.

Splash Damage are also contributing to id Software�s Doom 3 multiplayer.

We are looking for highly-talented Level Designers, High-Poly 3D Modelers and Concept Artists to join us as full-time salaried staff with excellent benefits at our offices in London, England.

We are more interested in your enthusiasm, talent and passion for design than in veteran commercial game development experience.

Essential Skills

* Extensive experience with GTK or other Radiant-based editors
* A strong understanding of Quake 3 technology
* A passion for architecture and environment design

Preferred skills

* A good understanding of game-play/game-flow
* A familiarity with the publicly known Doom 3 engine technology features
* Traditional art skills (for example, ability to sketch own initial topologies)
* Knowledge of level scripting (for example in RtCW, MoH:AA or SiN)
* Experience creating terrain/geology (for example in Quake 3 Team Arena or Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory)
* Quake 3 Shader experience
* Experience with Adobe Photoshop
* 3D modelling experience (such as LightWave or Maya)
* 2D art experience, such as texture creation

Check the following link for more information :

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