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Gm3tourney2 - Dead Souls - Released
I just completed this gothic styled small ffa/2v2 map. I know it's called tourney but it started out smaller :)

It's playable in base Q3A & CPMA & the textures are from Undule's gnosis set. Some may recognise bits of it as the base was the gmsp3 dungeon area.

Thanks to the people that helped me with it. Enjoy!


Download (7.4Mb Zip):
Gothic to the extreme; this map looks great! 
Excellent Map 
Good atmosphere and lots of room for trick jumping. 
that map looks amazingly amazing, great atmosphere from what i've seen. maybe i'll install quake3 to try it out... 
Can we rename today to be 'The day of awesome Q3 maps'?

Great use of shadows and misc_models to create a theme, and the layout looks awesome. I like how well things are clipped as well, screenshots had me worried it be a horror to walk around it, but it's quite the opposite, Nice work Glassman. 
like the changes since the beta. 
Oh My 
Some cool changes indeed since the beta. 
Awesome work Glassman!
This is the most atmospheric Q3 map ever!
Nice usage of everything! :)
Glassman you rock! 
Nice Job! 
you gave vondur a woody! 
Thanks All 
Awesome ... 
... this actually makes me wanna map in my spare time again.

One of the top Q3A custom maps ever! 
Aaaaa !!! 
For the size I m only in 56k but when I saw the screenies ... I WANT THIS MAP KNOW !!!

Very nice work for the style but I haven't download the map yet I wait ... 
it is original, and thaths good 
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