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Speedmap Pack #70
Speedmap #70 is released! Oh joy, oh rapture!

This week is the beginning of our second Megatheme, A tribute to Headshot. Each week we'll be using a texture set from his classic Deathmatch levels.

So... our theme for this week was Red Brick/Grey Brick maps! A popular theme from a better day of mapping. 5 authors mapped this week, Czg, Jacek, Preach, Zwiffle, and myself. Got a good mix of stuff this week, all SP except for CZG's, and Jacek's is out of theme.

Did I Miss Something? 
where are packs 68 and 69? 
68 we skipped, 69 is a chainmap metlslime and RPG have been working on for well over a year. 
Not Bad 
I saw one of the rare instances of a scrag flying through a wall in sm70_preach. 
Good Pack 
1) Zwiffle
2) scampie
3) Jacek
4) Preach

I'm not counting czg because I didn't get to play it with proper opponents yet, but it looks good.

scampie's would have been 1st rated but it ran like a 90 year old woman through a swamp on my computer. 
I Second That 
Very nice maps, especially Preach's and Zwiffle's maps were great-looking and fun to play. Jacek's was a bit brutal and off-theme but still nice.

Again, please consider adding the "-tjunc" option to the qbsp stage to get rid of unnecessary sparkles if using older compilers (e.g. DuBSP).

Looking forward to next themed SM.
Argh, Tags Galore 
I keep forgetting that -tjunc... argh... 
Good Pack 
IMHO Preach's was the strongest, nicely developed around a small central area. Scampie's was fun, and that ambush from behind nailed me dead twice before I realized what was going on. Jacek is showing tremendious improvement as a mapper, good use of texturing here. I played CZG's with a Reaper -- I like how the rocket jump connects from two locations, it has given me a secret location idea on my next map. Zwiffles . . . well, it had a certain scat porn ambiance . . . I mean the title of course, but hard brutal play which in a short map like this is a good thing.

One complaint that applies to them all except Preach's, too damn dark.

Liked them all though and I hope I have my Friday night or Saturday adternoon freed up to join in next week. 
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