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Goatse/Tubgirl And Speedmaps
You know, I thought this would have produced more results than it did, but it seems only ONE person visited, a URL found in a SUPER SECRET in my contribution to SM65 (Theme:Crap) which tried to goatse you...

Unfortunatly, Goatse was down, so I made a page that admitted that I was trying to goatse you, and asked you to register your distain at goatse going down... except when you tried, it tubgirl'd you.

As I said, only one person visited the URL... His ISP was

If you know this person, give them a lol from me.
post this in the speedmapping thread or general abuse you fucking moron. 
I Love You Too 
seems to really enjoy giving out needless abuse.

deep pyshoanalysis on scampie reveals....? 
reveals that this is NOT a discussion thread, and it's contents should be posted in either of the threads I mentioned. 
fuck off :) 
Oh Dear 
Basic forum starter rule #1: Never tell a mod to fuck off. 
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