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Advice For The Young At Net...
Okay, good thing happened. After over 5 years of relying on other peoples machines or, latterly, internet cafes, I now have my own broadband connection from home. Woot, yay and so on.
This may seem incredibly dull to the 1337 amongst you, but it's still a rather new experience for me.

The thing is, now I have the opportunity to dl a lot more stuff than previously ( although I'm still very limited in my HDD space ) and play online, I don't know what I should go for. I tried getting Quakeworld last night: Fileplanet told me I was -6 in line and my dowload would take -82 minutes :/
There must be a ton of stuff I've missed out on over recent years ( Nehahra being an obvious example ) but I'm looking for recommendations.
I'm not asking for a definitive history, just personal milestones. What are the maps/mods/tools/custom engines etc. that YOU think are worth getting? What's the stuff that stands out in the community? What floated your boat, lit your fire or manipulated your vertices?

Enthuse away...
for what game? 
Quake 1/Quake 3, whichever is more important to you. 
welcome to the wonderful world of unlimited porn. 
I think wrath just highlighted the most important thing that you have been missing out on. 
I'll look through my cd's when I get back home for q1/q3 stuff. Any other games you're interested in (Unreal/UT sp stuff, HL sp stuff, RTCW, q2 etc). Also you interested in just maps or player models too (for q3)? 
Good grief, do you think so?
I have a flatmate who's rather pleased my machine is online: could that be the reason?
And I thought ztn3tourney1 in CPMA was going to be the highlight... 
I have quite a few custom models for Q3A including Lobo ( great character ) and Magdalena, which I wrote proper botfiles for. But any others you think are 'must have'. You don't need to provide dl links or nuthin, just the name and game and I can probably google the rest. 
You should play Nehahra if you havent already.

And go to LvL and download the Top 50 ranked maps. ;) 
ztn3t1 in CPM?



Check out the PQ lotw for important releases (especially Q1, although you should have them already). 
of course you should have everything reviewed on TeamShambler :) 
Oh And 
as for the custom engine - is the way to go. good thing it's resides here behind the corner :) 
here you are, I'm only listing biggish downloads since I assume you have everything else, and anyway you probably have some of these :

q1 sp - nehahra, soul of evil, rapture, a desrt dusk (add + add2), beyond belief, coven of ebony, OUM, Insomnia, Necrobrood, One upon Atrocity, Mexx9, Permutations of the Rotten, Phantasmal Garrsion 2, Tides of War, Zerstoerer, ultramarine, hexameron:phase one

q2 sp - 1492, 1964, Amari Aliquid, Castles of Stroggos 3, Citizen Abel 3, Citizen Abel 4, Dark Undergrowth, Deaf dumb & blind, Last day on stroggos, Monumental Misery, Powersphere quest, Progetto Genoma, Small pile of gibs, Space Oddyseys 3, nightmare orchards

unreal/ut sp - ONP, Xidia Gold, Hexephet, Illhaven, Shrakith'a, Strangeworld, ortican

rtcw sp - Operation vorsichtig

hl sp - absolute redemption, deliverance, ETC2, edge of darkness, gut reaction, peaces like us, poke646, sweet half life, they hunger, USS darkstar, someplace else

q3 dm - auh3dm1, auh3dm2, agr, bal3dm4, bal3dm2, bap3dm2, bubtny4, charon3dm10, charon3dm11, charon3dm12, chiroptera, dmmq3dm3, dubenigma, dubneoc, ek3dm1, fr3dm1, gs3dm5, hub3dm1, ik3dm2, jaxdm9, kamq3dm2, katdm3, lae3dm1, lae3dm2, lun3dm1, lun3dm2, lun3dm3, mkexp, mkvdv, mksteel, mrcq3dm5, pjw3dm3, pjw3tourney2, pjw3tourney3, plutonians, q3monsto4, qfraggel2a, qfraggel3, rdogdm4, rjldm3, sin2, shad3dm1, tig_mouldy, trajectory, wdw3team1, wvwq3dm2, wvwq3dm6, yog3dm2, yog3dm4

q3 models- boneyard, binky, bunker, crusader, massacre, scurvy, violator128, spanky, bloodseeker, churchill, creech, dark_knight, dragon knight (high end), grimdemon, magdalena (high end), q4gladiator (high end), q4hybrid (high end), samjai (high end), rova (high end).

there, hope that's enough for ya. 
Oh My God 

That's an awesome list; I'm working through it now. Thanks. 
if you cant find any, let me know. 
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