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Talent(ful?)less Hacks
Just curious, how many of you consider yourself to have some kind of affinity for artistic/creative stuff? Like, do you draw, take pictures, make music, shoot movies/pr0n... whatever? And the obivious follow up question, does it help/influence your map making?

I have a hard time drawing stickmen, myself...
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Yes And No. 
The complete tracks aren't good enough for public consumption. I do kinda like how the current project is shaping up though.

And wasn't this thread supposed to be atleast vaguely mapping related? :) 
Re: Music 
Necros wrote: "not really good, but it's artistic i guess..."

I rather like it. I see you're also holding out on us ;) : ... 1st one I tried was too "beepy" but Climax sounds like a good game track, in compact .it format no less.

I go back much further in music than mapping, not necessarily great but deeply ingrained learning (more like playing games than mapping for them ;0 ). Some old and band stuff (tracks back on-line now) accessible through my main page at ... someday I might get around to putting some older band stuff up too. 
i'm surprised you found the modarchive page. that thing is ancient... that was before i started mapping.
also, back in the day, i was good at ripping other songs without letting people know. apparently, i was a real asshole. climax is a big rip of a whole load of prodigy songs. sorry. ;)
the new stuff at the site is completly original though. kicked the bad habit i guess. ;)

there's some trance stuff there btw, for those interested in it. 
I do gfxart.
I do www, but mainly for cash.
I do write things.
I do draw (very poorly and occasionaly)
I used to play piano.
I don't take drugs (except for strong ones) 
...I Am Not A Hack I Am Not A Hack I Am Not... 
waiting till the Monster-Art toppic turns me into a humanoid, but I fear the Orges will begin a new toppic about that.

And yes, almost so inspired to make music for the Quake convertion I am making, but then I get two fronts of art lovers against me in the harnash...

it sounds like techno, necros, like ambience, like house, like turn it off... 
it sounds like techno, necros, like ambience, like house, like turn it off...

what? O_o 
argh...that lango...

I Think When Reading Madfox's Posts 
its best to think of them as a new language.

whether that language is good or bad, is of course, open to intrepretation [or should that be translation?].

lost in translation..? ;) 
It is not as bad as someone asking which radiostation you prefer when showing him quakemaps... 
You Know... 
it's not so much your english -- your vocabulary is fine, it's just that your sentences don't make sense. either that, or your mind is too complex for me to comprehend. 
I Am Not Singing, Am I? 
I know my attitude of converse is not usual.
That's because with translating arise other ideas, I don't mean.

I heard your music, thought it right, but then there is something I can't explain. That's what I ment with -like turn it off-
Ever turned it into musicnotes, you will know what I try to say. Or not.

Let's say Monteverdi took a long time to converse his note-system, before people in other countries could play the same musicnotes. 
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