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Great Unreal Sp Maps
so i installed unreal after 2 years or something without having playing it. and i never got to play any user maps!! can anyone tell me which are the coolest ones so i can start downloading? :D

Quick List 


Ortican (not sure about this, could be for Unreal Tournament rather than Unreal)

sbegin1 & sbegin2



Tower of Shrakith'a

If you have Unreal Tournament then you also want Xidia and Operation Na Pali.

Also, check out for reviews and other maps.

Lastly, I cant remember the site (Oldunreal or something) but that has updated drivers which are a lot quicker. 
great. gonna go check them out. :D 
I heard there will be Operation Na Pali ][, suited for UT2K3 engine, is that true? 
must be a myth 
Once I managed to download it (NOT from FilePlanet - you have to go to Team Vortex's site and choose another mirror), waited in the FilePlanet queue to get UT upgraded, and finally managed to install the sodding thing, I was impressed with it right until the end of the first map, when it restarted my computer. Maybe I shouldn't have turned on fog. 
ONP And More 
I've seen UT pretty cheap in stores. It is well worth picking up just to use for some great SP projects out there. Several of the big name UTSP projects (ONP and Xidia) include OldSkool which is used for SP on UT.

Fatty - Try and get ONP to work - it really was an enjoyable project.

For Unreal, Nitin made a good list and bookmark Get Alingar2 and 3 by Tin 'Kew' Jervis - he is a master of atmosphere. You may get lost but it is a must play. Nitin already mention Illhaven but grab the Illhaven Saga to get a series of maps that are awesome. Go to the reviews on and in general, if they got rated well, the maps should be fun - I've played almost of of them.

Xidia for UT was excellent but the second map (I think it was the 2nd map) wouldn't allow saving. Other then that, it's a must play. Also, if you do a UMOD installation, unzip to the music subdirectory in Unreal Tournament afterward. If you don't do this, the extro sequence after the first episode will not launch. 
If You Haven't Played Unreal... are in for a treat. In many ways it was created in the same spirit as Quake - with the desire to make the SP game very immersive and atmospheric.

Also, if you haven't played it and you do pick up UT, I think you can play the entire Unreal game with the UT engine. I don't know the details, but I've heard that it can be done. I think you use OldSkool and you copy maps and music files over to the same named folders in UT. 
How can anyone not have played Unreal? The second level was one of the best bits of FPS 'history'. 
Another Good One 
Skaarj Tower - Shadow and Fire. Just 2 maps, but keeps you entertained for hours. I was quite impressed. 
How The Fuck Do People Drag Up Two Year Old Threads 
when you have to specifically go look for them? 
they might have come to this specific thread from a google search. 
just hates topical discussion! 
It's All In The Name ^^ 
Great Unreal Sp Maps

That be a contradiction in terms...

an oxymoron if you will...


a myth...

a kin to saying Great Scampie Maps...

it's purely fictional... 
Back when it was new, Unreal > Quake 2 by a loooooooong shot. 
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