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Here3dm9 - Gergow Station Out Now
Ok my last map , dm9 =)

screenies&downloads :

More large screenies :
Decent map. Lot of good details, but I feel the overall theme is a bit disjointed. The yellow/green skylight really didn't mesh with the grey and red of the color scheme. And the room with the lift was far too dark, and just felt out of place when the rest of the map was so bright. The 'weapon markers' stuck out too much and made you hop whenever going over one, bit annoying. Would have been better to use some trans shaders for it so you could walk through them, or to slightly clip them so they were less sudden a bump.

The jumppad was the biggest annoyance, you had to hit it just right to get where you wanted. It would have been better to move it back a little and make it push to player just a little higher, better too much oomph than not enough.

Other than that, felt it had a good layout, but a bit too long winded for my tastes. Could have been compacted a bit and given a faster game.

On the positive side, I think this map is showing you get much better at mapping, and you have lots of cool things like the railings, the pillers with the upsidedown V's in them, the stairs near the Rocket Launcher... all that good stuff. Really hope this isn't your last map, would like to see you do more and better things :D 
Forgot to mention my favorite part, the hallway with the electic pipe in the floor and the little bridge going overhead. I love it :D 
Thumbs Up 
I'm with Scampie 100%. When you run at the MH marker at full speed you can ramp right off the platform. Also, I thought the red atomic decals on the walls were cool, but were used to often. It needed more variety in colour or style or height or something. Also, the window with the stark yellow light around it is severly lacking in detail.

This map is clearly an improvement though. Keep up the good work! 
I don't like post in cause I'm back with too many work =)
ok I go map =) 
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