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QuakeCon 2004
QuakeCon is comming. It's happening August 12-15 and registration opens 9pm est, April 14. 5,000 seats available, first-come, first-serve.

So who all is going?
First Post 
I'm seriously considering taking my two brothers with me and making the trip all the way down there. 
Man, SouthEast Texas In August 
I have a lot of friends in Dallas and Austin, but the humidity in August is just murder. Maine is nice around that time of the year. 
August is Maine is like anywhere else, hotter and humideder (real word, serious) then what you're used to the rest of the year. Guess it's nice if you don't live here.

I was considering it, but those dates are horrible. Thursday to Sunday? That's just great for getting time off from work. Was hoping it'd be a Mon-Fri event so the weekends could be used for flights. 
not sure if I want to stay at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center
I Was Up There Two Summers Ago, 
on a camping trip; it was like a little slice of heaven :) Of course, the entire East Coast was experiencing drought at the time so I didn't find it humid. 

That joke has been made ~98,674,353,245 times since the CPL announced it was using it for the summer event. And it wasn't very funny the first time. 
And I probably should have put inverted commas around the word joke, since it's more like stating the bloody obvious 
Well fine then, I'll promise never to giggle about the names of places. Now that your mission is complete, go kill yourself GrindSpire.

Anyway, seems I can't go at all anyway. I work for my father at a small sized company... and he already has that week as his vacation. Can't have me gone too or there won't be peoples left here. :( 
Been Suriously Thinking This Year 
might be the first year I go. A friend of mine here at school went a few years ago. He said he had a blast. Perhaps I'll make the drive down to Texas from Michigan and make it a road trip. It would be nice to meet up with a few of us state side there. There has always been talks of meetings and what not, this would be a good opprotunity for those in the US. I know there had been talks of a UK meeting, so this could be our American event. 
And Canadians... 
I Gusss 
The Canadians and come along... as long as they bring some Labatt Blue. 
The Canadians can come as long as they bring the worst beer they have to offer? 
I would have thought qcon would be more popular with this, the last bastion of q1 gaming. 
Possibly Because 
Quakecon is on a continent on the other side of a large ocean for most people here. 
The Last Bastion Of Q1 Gaming? 
Hey pushplay, what about QHLans? 
The Last Bastion Of Q1 Gaming? 
eh? i play cs now. 
Yea And Verily, Pushplay 
The Canadians can come as long as they bring the worst beer they have to offer?

That was what I was thinking. Bring some Le Fin du Monde to make us State siders weep like wee girls. 
Oh, I Didn't Know It Was _Most_ 
But then again I never took a survey.

Don't you have to pay duties or something when bringing alcohol across the border? 
they invented something recently called an "aeroplane", have you heard of it? 
i know its too expensive. 
Don't you have to pay duties or something when bringing alcohol across the border?

not if they don't know... O_o 
Registration opened (opens?) today. Unfortunatly I can't go after all, wasn't able to borrow the money. *sigh* 
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