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I Am Looking For Headshot
Sorry for asking this here, but I am looking for the mapper Headshot, anyone know where I can contact him?

- Link
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I'm Here. 
Anything specific you'd like to ask? 
Why didn't you join in the latest speedmap sessions with the Dapak tribute themes?? 
I haven't been around for ages. SleepwalkR brought this thread to my attention just a few minutes ago, so I thought I'd drop by and ask.

Btw, Dapak tribute themes in a speedmap session? Sounds interesting, is there some site where I could have a look or something? 
Give Me Your Mail! 
Oh, hi, can I have your mail? I got something I wanna tell you :) I dont wanna share it with the rest of the world, yet :D

My mail is: 
Check your mailbox... 
I Wonder If... 
Mr shot will get wood looking at the speedmap site. Votes? 
...yes. Loads! I'm frantically installing Quake to take a proper guys are insane. :) 
heh, wow. glad you're back just in the mist of my little 'A Tribute to Headshot' speedmapping megatheme. So far we've done:

Red Brick/Grey Brick maps:
Dapak maps:
Spine Texture maps:

And this saturday was supposed to be Agenda/Dead textures, but I kinda forgot to annouce it and noone showed up... Next week it is!

Hope you enjoy these maps, and hope you're in good health and all that jazz :D 
I've just downloaded the lot and opened a few of them. You know, I haven't even run Quake for at least two or three years or so. To know that these maps are speedmaps (done in what? 120 minutes?) totally blows me away! A very humbling experience. :) It was a strange feeling seeing these textures again. Needlees to say, I'm quite thrilled that people participate in such a revival theme pack.

Tomorrow I'll take a closer look at all the entries. Funny, that all this is still around... 
100-200 mins 
if you're also interested in full-size q1sp maps and havent been around for a while you might want to check my site: 
just when he thought he was out, sleepy pulled him back in!

I'll get the sock o' quarters, you hold him down... 
...and What About Mr Fribbles? 
I mailed him at his planetquake mail, but no response yet, anyone here know him as well? :) 
Hello Mister Impatient 
Link, if you could wait more than a couple of minutes for an answer, you might have more luck... I just got your email now. : )

Having said that I can't respond via email, at least not on my Planetquake account (they're still blocking outgoing mail, right?), but I'll try to catch you on IRC sometime soon (or email you via another account, failing that). 
I Felt Like It 
I have question...

Are there actually any working QBoard archives? 
I still have the entire qboard db on some backup disc I think. It could be put online. 
I would love to read through that! 
Mister Impatient !!! =) 
Hehe, ok, I am a man of action, sorry! Well, my mail is, but you knew that...

I am contacting you for the same reason I contacted Headshot, and we already made each other happy! :D

So lets communicate :> 
rofl pushplay!

My nick is not from Nintendo :))

In 1996 we formed a clan called Dead Presidents, and I was DP Lincoln. Everyone called me "Linc" anyway, so when I dissed DP, I kept the nick, and reformed it to Link.

I really hate those Zelda jokes :D 
You could see where he had trouble knowing that.


Those ears don't make you look one bit more gay than you deserve. 
"I am contacting you for the same reason I contacted Headshot, and we already made each other happy! :D"

sounds deliciously dirty 
As long as you're consenting adults...

(the pimp icon was never more appropriate) 
"I am contacting you for the same reason I contacted Headshot, and we already made each other happy! :D"

sounds deliciously dirty

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