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I Am Looking For Headshot
Sorry for asking this here, but I am looking for the mapper Headshot, anyone know where I can contact him?

- Link
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I'm Here. 
Anything specific you'd like to ask? 
Why didn't you join in the latest speedmap sessions with the Dapak tribute themes?? 
I haven't been around for ages. SleepwalkR brought this thread to my attention just a few minutes ago, so I thought I'd drop by and ask.

Btw, Dapak tribute themes in a speedmap session? Sounds interesting, is there some site where I could have a look or something? 
Give Me Your Mail! 
Oh, hi, can I have your mail? I got something I wanna tell you :) I dont wanna share it with the rest of the world, yet :D

My mail is: 
Check your mailbox... 
I Wonder If... 
Mr shot will get wood looking at the speedmap site. Votes? 
...yes. Loads! I'm frantically installing Quake to take a proper guys are insane. :) 
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