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New Q1SP - "Facere Sin"
QuerneL is released his new map 'Facere Sin' for Single Player Quake.

I am bringing the map to you for him because he doesn't access the internet from his place at the minute. Enjoy.


[Editor's note: this was a joke map posted by a user an April Fool's joke.]
This Map... 
reminds me of blitz's recent DM map, except the lighting doesn't suck nearly as much. 
Nice Map 
I liked the little details and attention to lighting and monster placement. Still, I'd say there was way too much ammo considering the enemy supply.

ps : nice try, but the screenie and download size give the joke away. 
Quake crashes with a "bad extents error" everytime i try to play. 
And The Point Of This Map Was? 
Oh look, you said "dickhead." Congrats, Blitz, you now have the vocabulary of an eight year old. 
He Does? 
Blitz's vocabulary has now diminished to that of an eight year old because someone else used a certain word in their map? Wow. That must have had a terrible effect on poor Blitz.. especially seeing as he probably hasn't even played the map yet...

Don't think anyone can match the April-fools joke release of 2002 though. Was called Evil Soul or something like that, name escapes me... 
Thanks For Wasting Everyone's Time 
QurneL actually released a SP map! DL DL DL 
Poland Should Be Nuked 
..or invaded. 
MisYu, get a real site so I can download misdm*

And finish that SP map. :P 
Xen, Fern: 
it's a joke map posted by blitz. Check the date. 
Um.. I realised it was a joke map. What does Blitz have to do with things though? 
he perpetrated the entire hoax. 
I noticed that.
But I still want MisYu to get a real website. 
Blitz. You suck. No really. 
nice one ! :D 
It wasn't me!
Nice try anyway =) 
Why bother editing it, surely it'd be better just to delete the thread? 
nonentity: becuase that's not how things are run 'round these parts. If you'd be so kind as to map and post some news and not comment in this thread anymore, it'll eventually go away on it's own. 
becuase then we would miss out on your insightful comments! 
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