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UT2003 Bonus Packs
The Epic bonus pack for UT2003 was released the other day, go here for info and download mirrors:

Lots of new stuff in there, including new maps of course, and new announcer voices. You can also grab the Digital Extremes bonus pack for UT2003 from the above url if you haven't already.
A very cool addition to ut2003! :)

The new maps are a varied bunch, DM-IceTomb struck me as the most visually appealing but I didn't like the gameplay too much.
DM-Injector has great gameplay and a tight layout, all good and CTF-DoubleDammage and BR-Canyon are both cool. Haven't played the 2 junkyard themed maps yet but they dont look to great tbh. I could be wrong though...

The new anouncers are pretty good, the "aroused" one is stupid tho :) "evil" is my favourite.

Special mention must go to the "Invasion" gametype, which is basicly the DMSP mod for Q1 in ut2003, the maps randomly generate monsters from Unreal 1 and you and your teammates have to whoop serious arse to defeat all the waves, it gets crazy near the end! Loads of fun.

Overall a good DL and worth it. Anyone found that "OGG music controller" that was in the readme for the BP tho? I cant find it anywhere... 
does Aardappel know epic have basically stolen his DMSP idea?

if (invasion == DMSP)

Money sue Epic ()


Grumble anyway () 
are the unreal 1 monsters spruced up for the new engine or are they the same as in UT/Unreal? Also, now that there's monsters and monster code in UT2003 ala UT, couldnt there be sp mods for it? 
U1 Monsters 
are the same as in Unreal1 :(

No ragdolls either after death, but I geuss thats good cos the sheer amount of em around your CPU would burn out working out all the physics :) hehe

Its a seriously fun gametype tho, worth the download for it alone. 
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