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Jobs & Mappers Wanted
Need level designers for your amazing new mod? Or are you a game developer looking to hire? Maybe you just heard about some job at some company, and want to pass it on to the gang here at Func. Or you're just doing some fun little one-man project and want a little help from a level designer. This thread is the place to announce paid positions at companies, unpaid positions on mod teams, or even just ask for a few maps for your mod.
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We don't get that many posts about job openings or mod teams looking for mappers, but we get enough that i'd rather have them all in one thread. 
/me watches as thread is ignored by flyby devs who think this is a ubb. 
Call For Maps/Textures/Models/pretty Much Anything... 
Re: Scampie: "flyby" -- hopefully not.

You may (or may not) remember seeing a little blip about us a while back on FuncMsg -- but if not, the "short version" is "we're the
guys that have a Quake-happy engine for GBA and Mobile phones."

Our goal is to self-publish a mobile title that's basically a collection of quality DM levels and so we're looking for as much
content as we can find to start picking from.

Yes, we were originally going for a SP title, but the sorry state of GBA publishing has refocused our efforts on mobile phones and
MP levels (8-player Bluetooth support is already up and running on the phones)

Pretty much any content that is available for license (and, of course, doesn't violate someone else's copyrights, etc.) is exactly
what we're looking for. i.e. If the textures are borrowed, that's OK -- we'll find replacements.

Although we'd certainly prefer new stuff by far, any existing content (even if it's been GPL'd or released previously) is fine --
just as long as the author has the ability (and rights) to license it.

And, on the off-chance that someone out there is willing to work on new levels, we're aiming for reasonably smaller-sized maps,
basically similar in dimensions, texture usage and rspeeds to Aardappel's E1M2ISH, DM3ISH, etc.

(BTW, I'm bringing up new content only because FuncMsg seems to be one of the *very* few remaining active sites for Q1/Q2 mappers
left -- especially with your speedmapping "sessions" -- and it certainly won't hurt to mention it!)

BTW, we're also looking for suggestions as to what maps to include -- although, of course, they'll need to be ones that the author is interested in licensing!

I'll try and check here to respond to inquiries, but interested authors, please visit our site and contact us if you have something that fits what we're looking for!

Bobbee Tec, llc. 
Although I suppose some Googling could divulge your website address, it would be more convenient if you would mention some contact info. 
Site Info. 

It wasn't an attempt to make you dig for the info -- it was left off to avoid people up-in-arms about spamming the boards.

Most of the media there is from the GBA version, but there are a handful of screen grabs from the mobile build on a Nokia 7650. 
Would be interesting to know at least something about the licensing terms. 
I'm still waiting for a semi-coherent argument as to why I should play 3d games on a stamp-sized lcd screen. 
You'll get no argument here -- If you want full-fledged 3D gaming, mobile certainly isn't the way to go... yet.

One day, however, the "stamp-sized lcd screen" will be translucent and but a few centimeters from your eyes -- then the experience will surpass your 21" monitor.

Besides, it's a lot easier than lugging your PC with you on the bus -- nevermind the fact that there's never a power outlet nearby when you need one. ;-)

So, getting back on topic here, do you have something that's a good fit with what we're looking for, or do you just like to stir the pot when you get the chance? 
and one day we can jack ourselves into the mainframe and project impulses on the cortex proper. then your translucent cancer-cannon will be surpassed indeed, sirrah!

Co-incidentally, how many hours of cpu-hogging lcd-sapping, and memory read-writes can you get from a li-ion on your target platforms today?

seriously, what's your point? "one day this won't suck quite so bad, join the revolution!"

no sale.

Now, do I have something that could put your tech to better use? Perchance. What's in it for me? 
I'll stir the pot if I god-damn feel like it. 
This Thread Was Destined For Failure. 
Then again, that's true for any thread. 
What's In It For You? 
Royalties in exchange for permission (i.e. a license) to use your data.

If you've got existing content that you're willing to license, or if it's "easy" (relatively speaking) for you to create new content (and you have some spare time), then the decision is fairly straightforward.

Effectively it's an option to recoup something from the work that you've either already done, or can readily accomplish.

If you have something to show, we'd be happy to take a look. 
This Looks Fun 
Im rooting for Wrath on this one; make The Man sweat before showing your hand.

Seriously though, I do see a potential problem with this in terms of commercial usuage. Most of the existing content was created using tools that require licensing from Id or Valve before they can be used for commercial purposes. This goes for any current project -- most mappers use either GtkRadient or Worldcraft. I don't know about the status of the BSP editor in regard to legalaties. I assumed you have thought this through but I didnt find relevant information to that end on the site you gave. 
I was thinking more along the lines of what you could do with a 3d engine on a handheld system, not what maps I got up my sleeve to convert to the trainwreck in progress. 
Woo, Models 
Quite a lot of the decent stuff I've modelled can be found at There are some things I've not posted there, mostly because it's not very all purpose(like a lifting crane, or a vampire in camoflage). All of the stuff posted is original content, and if there's some specific model you need, I can create new work too. 
can we please go discuss in another thread and at leave this to just be a thread for posting jobs/mod help? thanks. 
Thanks, I'll take a look and contact you. 
Oh No 
now there will be aerowalk on my mobile phone too! ARGH!!! :D 
aerowalk = aero4ever&ever 
Lookin For Mappers (seems Like The Place To Come) 
I have started a Quake TC and am currently looking for some people who would like to create some strange theme maps for this very odd project. Details of the game concept and whatnot can be found at this page:
Thanks for your help 
Definitely Interested 
We're definitely interested -- I'll check them out shortly and get back to you.

Thanks again! 
The Agency Project 
The Agency Project ( is an open source game in development. We are currently looking for mappers, 3D artists, and any feedback(positive or negative) that can be given. For more information, visit 
"antebellum" is a first-person-shooter Quake 1 mod set in the middle ages. the player belongs to an underground group known as the "technocrats" - who have advanced technology (especially weaponry) at a quicker rate. the "cult of incorruptus" is hellbent on preventing future wars by initiating one giant war against mankind itself, leaving only the cult and it's converts alive. the player will be able to choose different classes to play as, with each class having exclusive weapons.

looking for:
-qc coders
-texture artists full story/concept art/etc 
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