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Jobs & Mappers Wanted
Need level designers for your amazing new mod? Or are you a game developer looking to hire? Maybe you just heard about some job at some company, and want to pass it on to the gang here at Func. Or you're just doing some fun little one-man project and want a little help from a level designer. This thread is the place to announce paid positions at companies, unpaid positions on mod teams, or even just ask for a few maps for your mod.
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self.customizeentityforclient = (float()){self.frame = (self.frame & ~7) + floor(anglemod(self.angles_y - vectoyaw(other.origin-self.origin) + (360/16.0))/(360/8));};

then make your op_state thingies just specify frames as multiples of 8. framegroups will probably bug out due to resets.
use sprites with one of the upright modes, I don't remember the difference.
obviously ssqc solutions will lag a little (which might be an issue with prediction active), and won't work at all if you have freecamming with demo playback (eg mvds).

on the other hand, fte+sprite with a framegroup of type 2(which needs hexediting), and it'll just pick the subframe automatically, even in mirrors, mvds, or static entities. 
Quetoo Require Amazing Mapper 
Ow The Edge 
Require A Mapper? Cant See Anything On There About That 
Sign me up! Sounds like a great gig - the clear and detailed vision of the project already described in your pitch along with the great presentation of the assets you've made so far really makes it sound like a sure fire winner! Could we be looking at the beginnings of the next Valve? 
Beep! Beep! Lethal Levels Of Irony Have Been Detected! Beep! Beep! 
Not irony. 
I Believe This Particular Robot Is In Need Of Diagnostic Service 
Blood Splat QC Dilemma 

I'm trying to use MaNiAc's tutorial on Inside3d -

I mean it works and everything, but it would be great to have the .mdl actually align with the wall that it lands on. I'm pretty sure there is a way to do this, but I'm not much of a coder.

I'd happily pay for some to modify the code in order to make this work.

And The Post #666 Goes To� 
IIRC, that isn't possible in the QC code because there's no way to concatenate transformations or to change their order in vanilla Quake. When surface alignment is calculated, the original angles gets lost. 
Damn, Mankrip Is Stealing To Many 666. 
Where Did All The Posts Go? 
Between 666 and 673? Spam? 
correct, the board hides posts that are flagged as spam 
My Proyects And Music For Maps 
1- Hello, my name is Christian.

2- I am working in a BIG Quake proyect(no supporters yet :). I want help in themes like QC compilation and creation, because I want to use some files from the old mission packs to be compiled in one with all ID1 files also. But I think it will be hard at the moment(I just have 6$ in paypal to pay :P and also I use another time).

3- I do music if you want: I can do a relax music or if you want a grunch with guitar, strings, pad effect, etc. Email me to if you are interested. 
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