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New Q2DM Map Leray28 - Neonopolis
Hello guys,
My new map leray28 named "Neonopolis"
was released today. You can download it from my site.


Map download:

Download is 1.35mb

This map can be used with the new Q2 MOD Awakening 2. New weapons and items were added.

Hope you enjoy the map!
I Don't Have Q2 Installed ATM 
but thanks muchly for submitting this news 
Tried Both... 
of the links above and both are working....let me know if anything else is needed. Thanks. 
You Can Get To My Page.... 
As Last Time 
Please consider specifying if the map is Q2SP or Q2DM when releasing it. 
looks like it was temporary outage of your sites or some satanic activity on my pooter. everything works now fortunately.... 
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