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#tf / Func_qmap BEEF Thread.
Inspired by Scampie who has more beef going than the average American "lite" breakfast =).

So let's have it out here...

Scampie vs. Xen

Scampie vs. ProdXL

Maj vs. ProdXL

(actually most people vs. ProdXL)

Wrath vs. Everyone

Grindspire vs. someone it seems

Me vs. Speedy occasionally

Mod-makers vs. well they just look like a right bunch of knobs anyway.

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My Suggestion 
Scampie needs to stop acting like a bitch. 
My Suggestion 
ProdigyXL needs to pass the third grade.

Nonentity: Funny you say that, being the most retarded emofag ever to grace the mapping community. 
didn't get his reach-around. 
is still a jackass troll with absolutely no worth. yes wrath, that's you. 
No Worth? 
But wrath is my source of amusement! 
You Know What They Say... 
birds of a feather... although, when it comes to RPG and wrath, it's more like 'assholes of complete morons'. 
Well, Since This IS The Beef Thread... 
I am rubber, you are glue... 
Folks, this is why we should ban white sugar. Just look at him, kid's hopped up like an amphetamine fiend on nitrous oxide. Poor thing. Everybody, write your congress-tools! 
was for scampie. 
While I (regrettably) I have to side with scampie in that ProdXL would have benefited from some form of education beyond the age of 6, I do wish the power obsessed little gnome would stfu and stop trying to be 'l33ter than though' all the time. 
I do wish you'd quit being an angsty little bitch and learn to use a post icon besides <neutral> 
Well, this is the beef thread.

And yes, oink know it's a sheep icon, but there's no need to get all whinny and start bleating about the discrepancy. Just be grateful I couldn't incorporate any other animal noises into this post. THRRRPT! 
Death Tounge Forever 

That's a cat noise. A Bill the Cat noise to be precise. 
Maybe I wont try to get into speedmapping... If this is what the community is like 
This Is The 'You Have A Beef Thread' 
Not the S***dMap Thread -- though your beef about is speedmapping, the Scampman has been known to lay down the law on those who mention S***DMappingout site its proper forum topic enclosed discussion area. I suspect you will be put on notice soon. 
Oh Crap, 
I let one slip by. I'm right there in the hole wit'cha ya blagmatin son of a two dollar rattlesnake. 
...I forgot:

Vondur vs. Speedmappers

Shambler vs. Speedmappers

Not that much speedmapping seems to take place these days! 
Wyldesnake: This is the beef thread, we (at least, myself) are not being very serious. 
Yeah Right Scamp... you're not serious when you're being an asshole on the Speedmap thread....or in GA....or anytime in #tf too lol... 
�{�� <= it's Scampie!

*note* I suck at shrimp ASCII and other things. 
You suck at a lot of things it seems, apart from website gfx.

I doubt anyone can have beef with you as you're the newbie laughing stock of go map ROOOOFL! 
:-[ I am serious 
And we all take you seriously.... 
Angsty, moi?

Not anymore my dear boy, if you'd kept up with the times rather than continually trying to be oldskool (sic) you'd know this, you rectum sniffing, badger felching (and general reptile molesting), piece of shit excuse for a fuckwit.

(hi mum) 
Shambler is your mum? :o 
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