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Speedmap #76
No theme this week... instead, the timelimit of 100 minutes was strictly enforced! Kind of a change from other weeks, but we have 5 maps that are just as good as those done with twice the time!

czg made a confusing little maze map where I get lost easily. Drew made a cool island in the void map that I really enjoyed. Headthump's map is filled with little ittybitty brushes and done up in wizmet textures. Zwiffle scared me with a dark castle of DOOM. As for my map... I'm a bad bad man who goes over enforced timelimits by 30 mins and still makes a shittier map then everyone else. :(

Enjoy the maps!
F�rst P�st 
czg's map: Somewhat cramped.
Zwiffle's map: A bit dark and monochrome, the walls a bit thin, and walking over the bricks was a pain, but it was cute.
Drew's map: Looked very nice, but the gameplay was very hard, even with godmode.
Headthump's map: Interesting designs and style. Kinda zer-ish. The func_plat that moved very slow and you had to sneak your way down from was a bit annoying though.
Scampie's map: Looked very nice, and the gameplay was good too. Still; when are you going to make a speedmap that isn't a symmetrical idbase, scampie?

A good pack in all. I rate it three pigs and a raccoon. 
Shambler, Fern, Underwrldfan 
hope you adopt the new rating system. I rate it 4 raccoons and a skunk, but will update when ive actually seen the maps 
I Got A Chance To Play It, 
and finaly finished, after dying several times in Drew's map. Woah, that was tough, and I did finaly cheat. Design wise, it fallowed a similar texture and off kilter brushwork as that other guy, wasizname.

I complement Zwiffle on his monster placement. A solid fight at a mere 18 monster ents. Also I liked the retro mood of the doomish spike sticking out thingies and scarlet red sky.

CZG good game play here. Mazes are usually banal but this one isnt. I never got so lost that I didn't find myself getting attacked after moseying about a few steps, and as any Quake guy knows, if you are getting attacked you are on the right path.

Scampie, there is some more good game play here. I see a consistency in theme in your work; facing monsters that are above you, giving them the combat advantage where the marine player has to troop up the hill.

Good pack -- thanks for the compliment CZG -- yeap, that platform is borked if not outright possessed. 
I Guess Mine Was Kind Of Hard. 
But I really wanted those vores to be devastating. Actually I was quite happy with my speedmap. 
out of those three I think only uwfan is still running a review site. 
As you should be. It wasn't a bad map at all, just one of the hardest I've played. 
Several Nice Maps 
in this pack. CZG's was admittedly a bit cramped but had good gameplay. Drew's was just frustrating, you probably need to telefrag one of the vores and the shambler to finish. Headthump's had nice gameplay but wasn't sealed, there was a minor hole at the end ...

Scampie's was OK, those grunts can really wear you down when you can't spot their position quickly. Zwiffle's was extremely dark and was a bit annoying with the bumpy floor in the end area (even the fiends didn't like it) but otherwise it was good gameplay. 
I Would Have Been Willing To Bet Money 
That you would find that leak. I boxed it because I didn't want to rip out the cieling area in the main room where the leak was coming from and start over with it; cramped for time actually. 
I had a problem trying to play your map. Whenever I try to load it Telejano shuts down with some wierd error and I can't play your map :( Any help from anyone?

"Missing frame 0 of +1button_15" 
That's Odd 
There are no calls to a texture by that name in my .map file. I do have the button series of textures (+0button, +1button, up to +3) in it but not one with a _15 extension. I doubled checked just in case there was an error where the texture naming syntax was getting cosey with the numeral. I used AguiRe's tools for the build and they compile the file sequences automatically without resorting to old school mapping trickery so I'm afraid I don't know what could be causing it. 
When Loading 
the bsp in FitzQuake I also get 1 missing texture. You can run BspInfo and it will report the same so there probably is a missing texture somewhere. It might not be visible though.

HeadThump, I've been unsuccessfully trying to seal this map for some time now (that last room is a brush nightmare for qbsp), would it be possible for me to have the zipped source map? 
No problem. I'll send the wad too. 
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