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Interview With Tyrann @ Pherrous

Who's next? *grin*
sort of a slow news day. 
doesn't matter :) 
I Love Interviews Anyways 
Nice interview, hope you do more. I was thinking of maybe doing something like this myself, at my site. 
I'll Definitely Do More As Long As... 
there are more talented mappers interested in doing interviews. Hopefully Mr. Fribbles is up for it, awaiting a reply. 
very cool interview. 
I'm Glad You Guys Enjoy It.. 
Whole reason was to give all the talented people - known or unknown, some props and recognition - and some insight into what they do and who they are :)

I'll interview myself soon, just watch :P 
It's Good 
But the questions are somewhat standard fare in there. Maybe you could spice it up with a few unexpected Qs. 
See I Knew Somebody Would Say That.... 
cause I already knew that :P

We'll see. 
I like the interview. 'Tis very good. 
If You Interview Frib 
Ask questions about scampie's hat and his adventures in gba fps mapping. 
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