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ZwiffleSP1 For Quake
Like small, cramped, linear, poorly lit single player maps with annoying floors that clip your movement? Then hurry up and download ZSP1!

This is my first real "map" for Quake, so it's pretty poor. Specific, constructive criticism is very much appreciated, eg: I know the map needs better lighting, but what I need is how to make the lighting better.

very nice and detailed map!
tho, i'd like some floors clipped and a bit brighter lighting or more varying textures, otherwise rather nice map :) 
nice map, I liked the detailing a lot.
But the gameplay was a bit too hard for me, I don't like axe-fighting with orges, couldn't finish it without god.
But it was fun:) 
<--- Green Man Chosen To Coincide With Green Map 
Visuals were kind of dull overall, but there were some cool details. Flat, dark lighting and overuse of certain textures contributed to the dull feeling. Using brighter lights and spotlights would have helped lend more contrast, plus made it easier to see the map. Visuals: 7/10

Gameplay was decent, but there was a general shortage of ammo. Also, there wasn't enough health near the beginning, and there wasn't enough armor at the end. Better balancing would have helped a lot. Several monsters (ogres primarily) were placed poorly and became ineffective because the player could position himself so that he was never in danger of getting hit. In one spot near the beginning, I got locked from going forward in the map because of some bars that raised prematurely. There was a lack of clip brushes -- both on the walls and the floor. In general, there wasn't a lot of progression in the difficulty -- it started out hard, and stayed that way; though the ending did have a decent finale. Unfortunately, after defeating the last monster, I had to go halfway back across the map to access the exit. Seems like a wasted opportunity for combat. Also, I don't think difficulty settings are implemented.
Gameplay: 4/10

Added up, it's a decent map, but there was a lot of room for improvement. This should have been a beta version.
Overall: 6/10

First-run demo (630k DZip)

P.S. Zwiffle: now make another one! Go go go! 
You Know, Zwiff... 
They've got these things for maps now, they're called LIGHTS. They let you know where the fuck you are when inside a map, and also allow you to be able to see where you are firing, other than muzzleflash. No, really.

Heheh, I kid, you -- but it IS a damned dark map, but nicely built and detailed. What gets me is that with the sorta-scifi feel the map has, there's not a single grunt or enforcer to be seen. You just not like the military branch of Quakeland or what, buddy?

I do agree with RPG's assessment for the most part, esp, as far as the lack of ammo and such -- although I didn't notice the clipping to be as bad as he's got it.

Bottom Line: MORE LIGHTS AND AMMO. Pweese. 
Stop Me If You've Heard This One... 
This is my first real "map" for Quake, so it's pretty poor. Specific, constructive criticism is very much appreciated, eg: I know the map needs better lighting, but what I need is how to make the lighting better.

I think you got plenty of ideas on how to improve the lighting from peoples' responses on IRC, so I won't go into that. However, I mentioned a few things in the mini-review above on how the gameplay could be better, but if you want me to go into more specifics, let me know. 
My 5c 
1. s/monster_knight/monster_army/g;

2. s/monster_hell_knight/monster_enforcer/g;

3. Like RPG said, you have some bars activated by killing monsters, and if you play as cowardly as me, you can get locked out of the rest of the level. Use a trigger_once instead, to avoid that. Better still, use both, with a trigger_counter set to "no messages" and a count of 2, so that you have to enter the chamber to proceed - then the gate closes behind you.

4. Too damn hard at the start! An enforcer, perhaps, then an ogre, with a blue armour after that. There were far too many ogres IMAO in this map. Fiends, too. You don't need fiends with ogres crapping on your head, surely? :)

5. Further along the map, light fittings seemed in short supply. Ditto ambient sounds.

6. There's a rocket launcher that seemed to be a secret. Was it? Could've done with a trigger_secret, if it was...

7. While you've used Speedy's CR8 textures well, the chamber with the band of button textures near the ceiling was a little strange. D'ya shoot 'em or what?

OK, that's my impressions anyway.

/me buggers off to play with UnrealEd and GTKRadiant some more 
I cant see with my default settings, I'll post later when I've played with upped gamma. 
Pros And Cons 
Architecture and detailing were good and interesting, but texturing, lighting and especially gameplay, suffered.

There's nothing wrong with the textures per se, but I felt the map was almost monochromatic and it made it hard to identify my position in the map. Lighting was too dark but playable and it's rather easy to fix.

The things that really killed it for me were the extremely hard combat (on Medium), lack of weapons/ammo/health/armor and the fact that about halfway I couldn't find a way forward even in god mode.

I feel this map definitely has a good solid foundation, but gameplay needs to be tweaked a lot. 
Alternative Lighting 
suggestion; run my latest Light with the following options:

light -fast -soft -extra4 -light 60 -arghlite -noglobrange -lightcap 180 -dist 0.9 zsp1 
Played It... 
Great architecture
Bad lighting
Typical first-map gameplay

Overall a very good start for non-speed mapping 
Too bloody hard and too bloody brown.

But still very, very good for a first map. 
Still Working On This One 
I seem to be stuck after the first Vore so I'm refering to RPG's DemoRun. 
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