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New QDM: Utressor
Small 1on1 map with a yellowish sandstone theme. Unlike my previous map, this wasn't made with gameplay in mind. It still plays pretty good i think.

Download & info:


Cya! Looking forward to reading your comments when im back next saturday.
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pics looks awesome!! downloading now 
Look Out! 
this man is a mapping machine! 
Gibbie = My Hero 
another cutie from hylke! 

Fuck me what an awesome map. Good job gibbie! 
Cumblastingly Good! 
insanely good looking! just like gibbie. 
Gtk 1.5.0 
I read on gibbies site, and in the readme about GTK Radiant 1.5.0 Spog Branch, and am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to obtain it. I currently use GTK 1.4.0 for Quake, but would like to give 1.5.0 a whirl, if it's freely available.
1.5.0 is currently only a work in progress. It loads quake1 maps nativly and will eventually load .wads. The interface has been changed a bit, it's more like maya to control and manipulate brushes.
this is the current nightly build, there is no support for it, so you're on your own playing with it. 
well, that's be the link if func_qmap recognized https:// 
This map is cool. 
Thank You 
Very Much 
pics look funky, nice lighting. 
Fecking 0wnage! 
Just played 1on1 with Inertia on this, fuck me its brilliant! Well done indeed Gibbie, I prefer this over your last release, I personally think this plays better than shadows. I cant think of any negatives right now.

Maybe Im just happy cos I beat inertia for a change :D :D:D:D:D:D:D 
my 45% handicap helped there i bet ;D 
very pretty map gibbie, quick gameplay too, its a blast! 
Lovely W00k 
Looks amazing, the constant turing around at different heights and angles. Damn sweet screenshots. :D

I tested it with reaperbots and my fiendbot (a mobot, and the map induced some serious carnage and tight grinding fights. A remarkable map, gibbie. 
Realyyyyyyyyyy Coolllllllllllllll 
realy cool gibbie :) good work i will make some waypoints for bot play :p eheheh realy cool!!! :) 
Very, VERY fun map. :) Nice connectivity, cool looks, etc etc. 
Very Good 
I liked both the gameplay and looks. It's cool :) 
Great Stuff 
Really good work here gibbie. Enjoyed your last one, but this one is tops. Great layout and sexy curves. Congrats, you should feel proud of this one. 
R4wk, Gibbie 
I'm not much for the texture scheme, but I'll be damned if that layout ain't beautiful. Kudos, all around. 
those li'l torch holes provide nice windows into other parts of the map 
post these 2 maps on and, they will get alot of exposure from players 
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