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New Q3 DM Map - Natedm3
got a little nostalgia here.. Very much inspired by DM4 but different enough (I hope)


Looks interesting! 
Non Fileplanet Download 
it's so cool seeing q3gothic with all the plant life! it's like a whole new texture set! 
I have no idea what either of the two buttons do. 
Buttons Are For Quad Trap 
both of the buttons open the quad trap(burial-grounds comp gimmick). only one of them is useful for actually getting the quad. You might be able to disrupt somebody elses quad getting by triggering the quad trap with the other button (interupting the timing thats required to get the quad). the button in the RA room is mostly to provide a grenade jump platform to the RA. 
Grenade Jump Platform To The RA 
That's pretty clever. 
BEST CIELINGS EVAR!! seriously though those exposed/broken cieling bits in the main atriums look superb, even your hallway cielings are really nice.

you nailed the atmosphere and the aesthetics are very nice. great map man! 
Loved It! 
absolutely great work! as eggman said u really nailed the atmosphere spot on. some of the map was very similar brushwise to dm4 whereas other parts looked really new and unrecogniseable which was cool too. despite the brushwork being very basic u really gave the map character with the greenery and lighting. especially loved the stained glass windows.

spot on! well done :) 
...4/5 screenshots were of the same place. Man, now I have to download it to see that one area. 
Random Screenshots 
heh so much for random choice. I had about 20 screenshots and spammed them to the various Q3 level design forums. try entering your own numbers to the filename and seeing what you get =) 
Demo Included 
I forgot to mention there's a demo in the pk3 that demonstrates how to get the quad and the use of the other quadtrap button. 
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