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Speedmap Pack #77!
This week's theme was suggested by Speedy. The idea was that we'd make a new end.bsp map however we felt it should be.

RPG was the only one to use ol' Shubby, adding some combat and button pushing to the familar battle. Zwiffle and myself opting for full out combat maps. Think we got a good mix of challenging maps this week, have fun with them!
I Am The Suck 
God damn those are tough. 
I Thought 
it was a pretty decent pack. Only thing that annoyed me was the lack of indication for the func_pushes in RPG's map. It took forever to figure out how to get up there :( 
My Standard Running Binge 
Scampie and Zwiffle's maps done quick.

Not RPG's though because of no intermission :( I wanna start participating in speedmapping damnit, where do I go? I went to your guys IRC channel a few times but nobody was in there. 
Those demos actually made me laugh. Good job! 
#speedq1 on, not gamesnet ;) 
Thanks Big-papa-necros 
Three Tough Maps 
and all were good, but Scampie's was best. The arena with the two vores were tricky but after circling around for a while, one of the DeathKnights had to take the cluster of voreballs pursuing me. Then came the fishies ...

RPG's was also tricky, not much health or armor so careful play seemed the way to go. Zwiffle's was also heavy on the big guns, shambler after shambler ... 
Scampie's was the only one I could do without dying. 
I like the sly parody/reference/joke title of sm77_rpg.

Unfortunately I was a little limited in what I could do with the monsters due to visibility issues. I think it worked out okay, although I obviously balanced the level towards players who use hard skill setting. (I could fairly easily beat the map and stay above 50 health.)

My main complaint with Scampie and Zwiffle's maps is that -- with the exception of the beginning and end sections of sm77_scampie -- neither one felt like it was an alternate ending to Quake. They just felt like very challenging Quake maps. And in the example of sm77_scampie, it was an end map that didn't really even have interesting combats.

I think it would have been cool to have sm77_scampie be four sections connected by slipgates and teleporters, with each section featuring the same architecture as the previous room, but using a different texture set representing that distinctive episode (idbase --> medieval --> runic --> elder world). And maybe have a fifth final finale room at the end with the real finale/boss. The map started out doing that, but I think it would have been cool to see the whole map do that.

sm77_zwiffle wasn't too hard IMHO, except for the last battle. Shambler in front and in back with little to no dodging room wasn't particularly fair, except you could run around the shamblers, which basically made them moot.

Other than that I really liked the maps. 
that was the original idea. but felt it was far too boring and I was already heading for overtime as it was, so I just quickly threw together the rocky area and the final area. 
I Didn't Follow The Theme 
it didn't interest me, so i just made a map. 
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