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Coopediting In Cube!
Any Cube map maker that want to coopedit some with me <:0

Letme explain how this board works. New threads are for long range discussion, not simple yes/no questions you may have able the world. We have General Abuse for that.

Let's make this a worthwhile thread then. Is coopediting more efficient? Can it help bring more interesting ideas to a map? Which one decides what stays and what goes when it comes to cleaning up the map and getting the layout tweaked?

getting a bit impatient scampie? ;)

personally, i don't think i'd like coop editing at all, because when i map, i like to do what i want, not work as a comitee (sp?).

of course, i've never done it, so that's really just an opinion, not something backed up with fact... maybe it IS fun. 
am very interested in co-op editing, and I'd love to do a chain map sometime with someone/some people. BTW I'm talking about Quake editing, not cube. As far as i'm concerned, the way I would like to have it work is pre-define style of map and texture set (like a custom idbase tex set) then one person does one part, sends it off to another person and they add onto it, etc. Working with a new addition to a map and taking the rest of the level in a new direction sounds very fun/creatively challenging to me. 
Cooperative editing is communist! I give you vladimir.bsp 
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eh? eh? that might yield some interesting results 
No it wouldn't. Co-op mapping requires more planning that regular old mapping. 
Ever used one of those collaborative paint applets? Co-op mapping is probably a lot like that... depending on how you plan, the results of it may not be exactly what you thought, but isn't that the point? When you're stuck on something your partner(s) might have an idea you don't, or you might see something they're doing and get an idea you wouldn't have otherwise.

To do something well themed you'd probably need to plan out a lot more in advance, though. 
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