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Eggdm1 Released
Hheres my latest q3map. Medium sized. For 6-10 players.


eggman, be more carefull next time. i had to fix two erros in your every screenshot link. it was plntquake.come.... 
Okay Mr Negative 
That criticism isn't very constructive and is totally inappropriate, Vondur. 
heheh...he said 'come' heheh...hehehe 
i notice you changed the erroneous q3 symbol as well thx! 
The Map. The Map? By God Yes, The Map! 
Some nice stuff in the screenies. Interesting work with the rocks - was that the 3PClipper in action?
How the industrial stuff and the rocks/crystals/lava blends together will be worth a look. 
kell: industrial things built into mountain sides worked in q2. at least for me it did, and yes all 3 point clipping 
some very nice work here eggman. The organic aspect to both looks and layout is fantastically realised. Gameplays's pretty nice and solid too in FFA.

I have some issues though - some of the geometry gets in the way, could have been clipped better. Also, there's some visual glitches throughout (sparklies and such) that are quite obvious, looks a bit rushed. any plans for a re-release after the comp?

Still, this is best bgcomp entry I've seen when you look at both looks and gameplay. Nate3dm3 was cool looking but the dm4 type layout didnt work at all. And it seems to be in the same category of the bgmappak maps (ie big with strong theme) so you have a very good chance.

Good luck! 
i was looking forward to see what you thought nitin, thx for the kind words man. i guess the map is a bit 'rushed' though. i didnt bother to check for sparklies and just ignored some of the other glitches. but hey even q3ctf1 has such glaring lazy faults like a blue torch in the red base.

im starting to consider a remix/rerelease, if these bgcomp maps get some attention from players, ill tweak the clipping/item layout/ and any other hiccups the map has.

thx for the comments wrt to bgcomp, results are supposed to come in today. im also really anxious to see the pak that comes out of this. 
would be cool as the map's too good to leave those glitches in. There's also a spot where I've seen the bots get stuck, let me know if you are goign to re-release and I'll prepare a bug list for you (player point of view though as I'm no mapper).

Good luck with the results, this should do well. 
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