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Interview With Kell @ Pherrous
The Standards For News Copy Have Reached A New Low. 
the interviews are good at least. 
There are some sentences out of sync with your questions. Not a big deal, but they might be confusing. 
Hey, I Made Moonlite! 
...(mumbles) CZG gets all the credit... =P 
I think Phait may have been confused with czg_moon.bsp. Ne'er mind. 
I liked the interview, but I think it's too long 
OK, so I got the map confused (fixes it). Yes it's long, but I didn't intend that, and I wasn't about to condense it because I think each answer deserves to be shown. 
At Least, 
I split it in 2 pages. I first had it in 1 big long page. But even each page is a bit long.. oh well ^_^ It was great interviewing Kell :)

You guys just wait, John Romero will be in the interview list. Someday, yes someday. I once got an e-mail reply from him. I recently e-mailed him some questions re: mapping - how he went through designing a map, and some other crap I can't remember. I'm still waiting on a reply - I don't think he'd have time for an interview - or if he does, I'll probably not be the one to snag that time with him. Who knows though. But hell, that'd be cool. 
I'll fix these sentence problems later tonight - glad you pointed them out, Kell :) 
A Good Read 
Maybe in the future you could ask questions about specific sections of certain maps. People never have a good answer for "where do you get your ideas," but sometimes there are funny stories behind the weirder pieces of arcitecture.

And then again sometimes there isn't. :) 
Excellent Idea Pushplay! 
that interviews are very nice :) esp with such usually lurking in the depths persons :) 
I Think Mr. Fribbles... 
is busy. Hrmm... *searches through the member list* 
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