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Deadly Oasis Is Now Open...
After months of delays and a slight loss of interest, I finally pulled out the stops and finished this map up. It was originally designed with 1v1 play in mind, but as large as the playing area is, it can easily support more. Follow one of the two download links below for a nice change in pace for Quake II.


In the meanwhile, you can take a look at the pics here:
Nice Job 
good work at making q2 look fresh, the trees and skybox are definitely something different. i wish i still had q2 installed on my system for a deeper look though 
Top notch work here Panzer, if looks could kill... 
Thanks Fellas! 
They may be slow coming out, but I'm trying my best to do things different to make them stand out from the crowd. Damn the r_speeds...FULL SPEED AHEAD!!! 
Sweet Map! 
great work man! I already run a few of your maps and I'll be sure to throw this one on some of my servers as well... Thanx for the new terrain, frag on... 
Cube Tex's? 
They look like idea. 
What do you mean by Cube textures? I haven't played cube before, but the texture set I used was originally created for Q3A by Simon O'Callaghan a.k.a. "Sock". I'm guessing you were asking if they were originally used in Cube...correct me if I'm wrong. 
Other Way Around, 
cube used sock's textures. 
RE #5 
Hey Jay, would you be QMass Jay by any chance? 
anyone got a contact for sock? 
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