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The State Is Not Your Friend Q3A DM/TDM Released
This is a fairly small but very detailed industrial style FFA map made for the 2004 Burial Grounds Mapping Contest.


Nice Brushwork... 
kinda reminds me of the industrial level called "Asbestos" from Unreal Tournament 2003. Do you have any more screens? 
Reminds Me 
of a map from Painkiller. really nice looking (from that one screen shot) 
cant fault brush work, mostly looks very nice.

But as for a playable map I shall have to dissagree here Im afraid, the outside areas are too large and the inside area is really just a giant box with railings in (gameplay wise).

Looks +
Gameplay - 
Alternate Download 
Is there an alternate download for this map? FilePlanet seems to be going through some sort of transition, and somebody forgot to put the log-in server back up. 
Direct FilePlanet download link:

Down with the man! Fight the system! Anarchist 4 life! 
Mini Review 
I think the map would be better if the theme was more complete. You seemed to be going for a drab and depressing warehouse setting, but some of the textures and most of the lighting did not support that. Adding a little color to the lighting might have helped, as well as adding some light to the outside water so it actually looked like water. The sound effects were pretty cool, though; kind of menacing and otherworldly, but apropos nonetheless.

I only looked around in the map, so I have no comments on gameplay. 
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