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New Q1SP: Pajitnov
A new Q1SP gimmick map inspired by COMMUNISM! The screenshot doesn't show much, but it's the gameplay that gets "interesting." It's a little slow to start, so have some patience.



More info
What a great speedmap! 
Setting it all up would have taken two or three sessions. 
stunning visuals and innovative gameplay :) 
It Was Ok 
The gimmick kinda overstayed its welcome. 
if it was so communist, why wasnt there an instagib trap in there somewhere? make the blocks do 999999 damage and then we're talkin 
here goes evil bricks from the black void! 
How Very Lovecraftian. 
My One Disappointment... 
...was that all the coloured blocks didn't spell out a rude word for the intermission. :-)

Other than that, a fun idea well executed. Nice one. 
Nice One Hehe 
speedrun anyone ? ;D 
Anyone recorded their first run through? I'd sure like to see a few demos on this map. 
Rpg Gets The AWARD ! 
It's quite fun for a Tetris clone. :p 
An Interesting Idea 
fun little map.... i wonder if its possible to make a proper tetris clone to any degree. I think it'd just about be possible if you had to move the pieces into a prechosen position... a linear game as it were. 
FrikaC's Tetris Mod 
Frik's Tetris Mod 
looks very high quality, but I was thinking of the possibility of doing it without any QC, like a real man :) 
I believe it's possible, but prohibitively difficult. 
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