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New Q1SP: Bastion Of The Underworld
Ok, here it is - my first shot at mapping :)

Best described as a rolling, rumbling descent into Quake 1 single player devastation - with a few new surprises along the way; this is part of a larger episode that will be released later this year.

Especially big thanks to aguirRe for his encouragement and supporting me with his compile utils. WinQuake recommended; make sure you use -heapsize 32000 or higher.



Demos appreciated :)
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Looks Great! 
Will give it a whirl when I get in from work ! =) 
This map is uber impressive!!!

I liked everything: modified and new monsters, sounds, architecture, atmosphere, GAMEPLAY!

Kinn you Rock!

They killed me somewhere in the middle, so this is not the full demo sorry:

Only flaw is the lack of the skybox in the distribution and no single line in the readme where to get it and how to enable it in the fitzquake, so i played with checkered sky till i died. After they killed me i set up some cute volcano sky and continued with it, which increased the pleasure of course :)

So people, get ready your favourite skyboxes and enable them with the "sky skyboxname" command in the Fitzquake!!!

Kinn, keep em coming! :) 
Thanks Vondur! 
I'm glad you liked it - and your demo rocked as well!

Looks like I made a cock up with the skybox. :(. I removed it from the pak at the last minute to keep the filesize down, but I forgot to test how custom engines handle it's absence.

For the record, it was "ofelas" from Kell's site, but i can't seem to reach that site at the moment.

Again, I apologise for this and suggest to others to follow Vondur's advice and manually enable a skbox of your choice if playing in a custom engine. 

Super! I'm impressed a lot!

I must say the same as Vondur: I liked everything, especially the gameplay. I want to make something like that in my future map (not upcoming, after that). I like ambushes and spawning monsters.

The only thing that I may not like in any other map is base monsters in medieval (gothic) maps, but I must say I liked them in your map.

And you didn't mention in readme some point I'd be interested to know:
How long did it take you to make this map?
What editor did you use?

I want to tell something more, but can't fight myself, I want play it again one more time =) 
I'm Afraid... 
If your first map was this good, God only knows where it'll go from here ;D Killer map, Kinn -- can't wait to play the full ep. 
am i the only one that can't play the map?
fitzquake and glquake crash saying there is a missing model ("progs/q2weap/v_shotg.mdl")
and winquake crashes with "Hunc_Alloc: failed on 1807696 bytes" even with -winmem 64.

what's the deal? 
the model name was:
progs / q2weap / v_shotg.mdl (without the spaces) 
necros: type "saved1 0" at the console and restart the level.

You've stumbled across a relic from the time when I had the full Quake2 arsenal in the game. Glitches like this will occur if the saved1 cvar is set to something other than 0.

As for the other error; I'm afraid I'm not sure about that one - i'll look into it.

PuLSaR and biff - I'm glad you like it!

To answer your questions, Pulsar - Editor: Valve Hammer Editor 3.4

Build time - on and off for a few months, but the QC has been simmering away for a lot longer than that - much of it probably dates back to 2002. 
you say winquake crashes with -winmem 64. I'm not familiar with the "winmem" command - I use winquake with -heapsize 32000, so you could try that. 
Sweet Zombie Jesus 
300 monsters! Fucking hell!!! 
Looks Amazing + 300 Monsters 
i'll try to review this map soon. :) 
Not To Be Negative, But... 
Screenshots look great, please update the pak/zip to include the skybox, I'll wait for that before I play it.

I don't want to go to the hassle of trying to find some other (probably inappropriate) skybox to use with it, I'd really rather just see the proper one without any fucking around. : )

I for one don't give a shit about the file size. 
I would download the Kell skybox that you mentioned, but I can't access his site either (I tried a few days ago and it was down then too) 
He He Sweet Zombie Jesus Good One LTH 
I have a new curse to add to my repartoire.

Can't wait to play it -- but now I'm going to make good on my promise to Necros -- perhaps tommorrow I'll get the chance.

Those screen shots are enough to make me cry as it is. 
ok, my file hosting situation is really fubared at the moment, so i can't upload a new pak for a while, but you can get the skybox from my yahoo briefcase:

id: goatrender
pass: gibsloocher

go to "my documents" - look for

hope this works ok. 
Once again Ugly American doing the French wrong. 
I grabbed the skybox from there, everything worked fine... thank you! 
Sigh.. Me Again 
Forgive my ignorance, but can someone tell me where to put the skybox textures...

I've tried putting them here:


and I've tried putting them inside the bastion pak0.pak file under gfx/env, nothing works, where the hell do the skies go? FitzQuake readme doesn't say... 
well, heapsize is the glquake command line for ram and winmem is the command line for dosquake and winquake. winmem is in MB though whereas heapsize is kb, so -winmem64 ~ -heapsize 64000

i haven't tried it yet, but i suspect resetting saved1 to 0 should fix it in winquake as well.



306/306 (dzip) (zip)

holy shit! what an awesome map! dude this was so much fun! it's nearly my ideal idea of a map. great huge architecture, big fire, tons of monsters and just really awesome gameplay.

i liked all the little qc tricks like the rotating brushes and such. i hated the new explosion sprite which looked blue and ugly... there's a nice sprite i used for nesp06/09 if you want, or just stick with the regular one.
also, that axe is fucking jokes! it's so damn cool and you're right. it is useful. (although, only at the beginning)

just too much good stuff to comment on. i'm really impressed.

there were a few misaligned textures usually on faces that are at 45 degree angles on two planes.

i died at the second to last massive fight because i wasn't expecting so many monsters. :D

also, i was surprised by how well the q2 monster fit in with the grunts. that thing is brutal though... sometimes it would hit me even after i had killed it which was annoying. i'm pretty sure they did that in q2 too.
what was that wierd minotaur like monster? it was kinda neat... fucking hard though... sometimes it would charge as i would shoot a rocket and i'd end up doing myself in. :P

can't wait for the next maps! 
i put skybox i had (6 files vlcno*.tga) in the quake/bastion/gfx/env dir. that worked for me.... 
Note #1: Fitzquake can't load jpegs. Only pcx and tga. That's why the sky from the yahoo briefcase doesn't work.

Note #2: Fitzquake looks in gfx/env, since that seems to be the standard for quake1 skyboxes (not that i've ever seen a quake map release that has a skybox.)

Note #3: If the sky is in the right place, it should load automatically when the map starts.

Note #4: This map rocks! So far i've seen a big flame model that looks great, and really cool flak cannon ogres -- it's a perfect new weapon for the ogre (i never liked the regular old nail ogres people used to use.) 
Re: the skybox - I'm afraid the only custom engine I use is Darkplaces, so I wasn't aware of it's incompatibility with Fitzquake - my bad :(

Necros - massive thanks for the demo, it's always great to see people's first run through :)

The Minotaur-beast is the "Shuffler", and they come in two varieties - did you by any chance get to see the White Shuffler's little surprise attack? ;) 
Yeah, I didn't even download the sybox and it played fine in Darkplaces, just with an original Quake sky. 
There's Stuff In Your Briefcase!? 
Not when I go there.

Anyway, I relabelled Speedy's "Elbrus" sky, and that fitted well.

One day I may get around to trying to play it. Some fine architecture here. 
Two Quick Tips 
for FitzQuake players. To get normal animated grey Q1 sky, just enter sky "" in the console. This disables the static Q2 skybox.

The default heapsize in FQ is 32MB, but even with that you might experience occasional stutter in-game. I'd suggest adding -heapsize 48000 (48MB) to the command line for better performance. Your mileage may vary. 
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