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New Cube Deathmatch Map - Twoish
Dunno if it's worth sticking in the news but I just released a little cube DM map based on ID software's almighty popular DM2. Nothing much else to say. It's just a DM2 clone for Cube with a few changes due to engine limitations. Still, I'm pretty happy how it turned out. Hopefully it will interest someone ;)

Big thanks to Vondur and Metslime for checking out the beta and giving me some helpful comments. Cheers.

Screenshot 1:
Screenshot 2:
nice de ja vu map :D 
Shuddup Von...ya know I can't make anythig original ;P 
Is that the first Cube map to grace the sludge pit that is fp? 
Kinda Cool. 
I liked the subtle layout changes. Visually it's nothing special, but part of that is the limitations of the engine. 
a dm2ish for cube? why am I always the last to hear about these things! I could have added it to the release but oh well.

I made a dm2ish for cube as one of the first maps I made for cube when I just started... 2.5 years ago. Never released it. 
404 on the download 
Working Now 
I just checked and farkedplanet seems to be working now aard. 
That is a sweet map! nice detailing, it is very liberal with the dm2 layout though.. and lighting could be improved, its a bit very bland. in spots. 
Cheers aard. Sorry about the lighting folks...I just suck at it...for all formats :)
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