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New Cube Release!
Go get it at

The new release includes lots of new maps and other goodies.
Hey, New Soundtrack 
pretty cool. Some of the new maps are nice also. It's gotten to the point where what's holding the game back is not the engine but the assets -- with the aid of some good modellers and texture artists, you could make a totally bad-ass level with the current engine. The only technical weak spot would be the lighting. 
It would have been nice if you could include a bit more info in the update. I wondered on over to, but I still didn't find much info and was told to check the history. Posting some select snippets of that here probably would have generated a bit more interest.

Also, it would have prevented me from whining. 
Well I'd Say 
From the singleplayer perspective, a big update is the monster animations, the old cast comes much more alive with jumping and death animations, and all now independent. Fine new and added SP maps, one or two which use the new mapmodels, trigger switches and levers, which will be a boon. Not mentioned in the history is the collision works better for static mapmodels, improving its marginal floor-over floor capability. Subtle kickback on weapons adds a bit of feel, works well with SP since the monsters often get knocked back when they die.

Nits: may need to make cube/savegames folder yourself, map ramapge may not be able to find last monster, yadda: 
This Cube Release 
Got a mention on Bluesnews and Shacknews. Cool! 
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