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PH8DM2 Golgotha Tenement Blues (in Progress)
It's going to be a warehouse. So far for the textures that I'm doing by hand from scratch will be variations of dirty brick, concrete, crates (woo!), beams, metal, uh.. dirt/ground, lights...

Any suggestions / things you'd like to see for the textures and map?

This map is inspired by the song "Golgotha Tenement Blues" by Machines Of Loving Grace - you can find this song on The Crow 1 soundtrack. Or KaZaa.
have record companie given up on kazaa?

bah, dvds are a flop anyway. no good against piracy. why did they bother making them.

sorry, no suggestions there ^^

umm. i know you like texturing BUT how about doing more BSP. no, seriously, you gotta bite the bullet and do more of it to balance your strength and weakneses. 
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