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New Q3DM: Uzuldaroum III
Recycled Quake 1 map.
Good for duels and CPMA.

Screens & info

I Like The Smokestacks. 
th3y r c00l. 
Yeah, the whole sepia industrial thing is rather neat 
I Like 
although the textures are quite blurry and become worse in lower picmip modes. Otherwise, nice stuff! 
I Like It 
nice mapmodels too, all the plants and vines add to the atmosphere, cool :) 
just played this in instagib rails with bots, cool.....jungle theme is very refreshing change for Quake 3.

Are there any other similar jungle maps for Quake 3? 
Hey Vondur 
Since you've made your last 2 Quake 1 maps in Wc3.3, I thought you'd be the one to talk to:
Do you know of any way to fix texturing discrepancies between 3.3 and qbsp/1.6a, or in cases like that that you did have, did you just go into 1.6a and fix them?

nice map btw (q1 version), I will try out the q3 version at an upcoming lan party.

cheers, tronyn 
Get back to me when you can :)

*is just anxious* 
i made in wc3.33 aghast only
uzuldaroum was made in GTKRadiant

well, as for the tex probs in wc3.33...hmm, i don't remember i had any, if i had, i fixed them manually, or used WQbsp switch regarding texture angles (don't remember it exactly, just run wqbsp -? or something to see all its switches)
but probably i just used 1.6 to fix all the discrepancies... 
wqbsp -alternateaxis

Also, some other compiler I've used does the same thing, but the switch is -oldaxis. And I think there are a few compilers that just default to that axis. 
afaik wc3.3 aka hammer uses some extra values to sotre texture coordinates, other editors just ignore them and you get wrong alignment 
not just alternate axis, more what Speedy said. Anyway I was just wondering if you had any way around that. But I guess since in your map aghast, most of the textures are just stacked and not rotated on angles or whatever you probably didn't use any of those extra texturing features. ah well. 
there were probs with some texes tho
they appeared rotated 90 degrees in wc1.6

tronyn, use gtkradiant ;) 
u know u can complie wc3-made maps into q1 bsp with dubsp 
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