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Q1 Mods HELP

Well, yeah, uhm, I'm sorry to disturb you all and I hope my subject (which is extremly important for me, I suppose) won't get deleted by our dear Hand of God (scampie) because of some reason I'm not able to write down at the moment, however, let me get this straight, well.

Okay, I'm having with couple of other cpu geeks a lanparty. Actually, it's not a decent lanparty, because we're mainly playing Q3, but considering the fact, we're all wasted there, I was thinking if it's possible to play Q1 with my friends. However, all of them hate Q1 actually, but that's not the reason for not playing it. The reason, they hate it, it's I played it, uhm, kinda longer than them, so I'm, uhm, kinda winning to easily.

So, apparentely I need a Q1 mod, which gives:
- handicap (that's the major, blah)
- can mod the game (timelimit, voting, fraglimit, powerups, map changes, stuff like that and admin for me to prevent them change timelimint, voting rules, fraglimit, powerups, map changes and stuff like that)
- railgun much appreciated
- grappling hook much appreciated
- rocket arena/teamarena included
- dmm4 mode
- mebbe midair mode, like from QW?
- the mod should be itself compatible with all maps you all have done (which includes maps from dear vondur, dear bal, dear damaul, dear frib, dear dranz, dear daz, dear biff, dear qurnel, dear scampie, dear pingu, dear peej, dear headshot, dear ztn, dear biggus, dear aardappel, dear skleros, dear speedy, dear cardo, dear tyrann, dear malevola, dear auhsan, dear snaga, dear gilt, dear apollo, dear cheshire, dear excessus, dear gandhi, dear gommy, dear grindspire, uhm, I meant nonentity, dear retinal, dear killjoy and dear all other terrafusionish and singleplayerish mappers who had made a q1dm maps I haven't mentioned here, sorry about that, it's kinda late and the sun is sparklish, which I hate)

Well, obviously we could play QW but QW has got some fancy features they don't appreciate much (like me bunny hopping) or don't know how to do (like them bunny hopping) or I don't know how to run it on their fuzzy cpus. That's why I decided to pick up the old and always yummy (even it's 8 years old and getting rotten) NQ.

Okay, there were lots of cool mods made by you, guys, but none of them has got everything I would go down of the author if it has.

So, please, could you help me?
All links to a NQ-mod which owns everything I mentioned are much appreciated, or even someone would be so nice to copy the code from there (I dunno where exactly it is) and paste here to compile a neat progs.dat and the rest of black majik. Models aren't a factor. Neither sounds.

I would be very appreciated and grateful and I'm sure if my geeks would be appreciated and gratefuled by the mod, we would have then recorded some nice cutie demos on your custom maps (they don't know even DM4, so they won't see the difference between custom and noncustom map tho) and share them. Actually, I don't have a place to share them, because I got banned on PQ because of qurneL sharing illegal mp3s there, but hey, that's not the problem I suppose.

Oh, and if somebody moves my topic to General Abuse, that's allright, I won't be bitching, scampie.

Could someone help, please, please, please?

always Yours

P.S. No, I'm not nice because I had sex or something.
Hey, Misyu 
Dunno if ktpro has an NQ version, but there was an NQ mod called CRMOD which did much of the same stuff. 
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