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Meant To Post This On The 16th...
Here�s an example of a cover-up that isn�t exactly a shiny period in a western nations recent history. The following exert is from Jonathan Glovers "Humanity: A moral history of the twentieth century"

"On 16th March 1968, Vietnamese civilians were massacred by American soldiers in the village of My Lai. 'Charlie Company' was 120 infantrymen under the command of Captain Ernest Medina. Four of them had been killed and thirty-eight wounded in seven weeks of guerilla war. They were to be part of an attack on a Vietcong battalion thought to be in My Lai. Medina received orders that the men were to show aggression in the attack. He briefed them the night before about their 'search and destroy' mission. It was a chance to get their own back: houses were to be burnt down; cattle and crops were to be destroyed; wells were to be wrecked. A second briefing was then given by Lieutenant William Calley. He said the villagers were nearly all enemy supporters: that men had weapons, women carried packs, and the children were future Vietcong. On one account, he said they should kill anything that moved.

Early in the morning the soldiers were landed in the village by helicopter. Many were firing as they spread out, killing both people and animals. There was no sign of the Vietcong battalion and no shot was fired at 'Charlie Company' all day, but they carried on. They burnt down every house. They raped women and girls then killed them. They stabbed some women in the vagina and disembowelled others, or cut off their hands and scalps. Pregnant women had their stomachs slashed open and were left to die. There were gang rapes, and killings by shootings or with bayonets. There were mass executions. Dozens of people at a time including old men, women and children, were machine-gunned in a ditch.

In four hours, nearly 500 villagers were killed."
soz duder, shut the fuck up.

apollo, yes, my lai - a well know atrocity. why post about it - a "never forget" type of thing? 
420, Never Forget 
Hay guys whats going on in this thread 
Hay guys whats going on in this thread 
wtf is this? No context, no commentary, no connection to the focus of this messageboard, no regard for copyright...

If you want us to read something on the net, post a link. If you think there's a connection to current events, say so. If you think there's anything to dispute, you'd better point that out, too.

Killing and raping are bad. Now go fucking map. 
Well said, metlslime. You are truly a prophet of our age. :D 
it looks like we have a few trolls/flamers acting under stupid nicknames entering the forum.

Metlslime i assume you can ban users [and or IP addresses] if you need/wish to? 
banning Apollo is a bit much, don't you think? 
I Didnt Mean Apollo. Apollo Is Cool... 
i know Apollo is a regular user.

i meant "soz duder" and "hot chats". 
If this is the first problem with the user banning is very harsh. 
banning by IP is possible but these guys' posts are pretty tame. 
I suspect they are regular users trying to be cute. 
Aint I ? 
I love metslime and frib too. Too bad they dont have time to release new maps ;( 
point of the story is that a bunch of people got killed for no real reason; just for slaughterous puposes.

done trick. 
is apollo gonna post something else or has he just "despatched the load" and buggered off?

hmmm, strange dude... 
Apollo Is Apollo Is Apollo =) 
But yah, he should be mapping instead of watching the History Channel. 
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