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New UT2003 Bombing Run Map
"Unreal ED" has released a vey cool looking & Playing BR map for UT2003 called BR-AnimaExMachina. its his 4th "cliffy B 0wnage!" map in a row, and I think he deserves it this time...

Screenshots -

Download - (2.75mb)
Looks Really Cool 
i'm beginning to think i should buy ut2 just for the eye candy. Of course i need to upgrade my TNT first :) 
nah just buy unreal2. 
Buy U2. Ut20302k4300 is for casual dm players. 
Vondur Sucks 
scweenies look pwetty 
Titles Buaeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhafgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhesssssss 
second screenshot is very nice except that the blue lights doesn't seem to blend in well at all. 
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