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Ontranto Released (finally!)
Quoting FatController's post in general abuse here:

As far as I can tell, most of the bugs (especially the gameplay ones - it was too hard by the end of #3) have been squashed, so guess what? Here's the link:

You might also like to read the front page. There's all sorts of upheaval at Chez Fatty's right now, so it's nice to finally achieve closure on something.
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I had no bloody idea that was there! Whatever it is, it's old. Delete it.

As for the box, I can't remember where I got it from, but I suspect one of Kona's Q2 maps. I may still have the original somewhere, but obviously I don't know were.

It's a .pcx in order for it to work with ToChris, which I was originally using. FitzQuake seems to load it okay as is. 
Skyboxes In Fitzquake 
It didn't look right. The images had totally different colours at the joints. I didn't check if it was because of a bad rotation or orientation or colour subsampling. Also, a few textures like the one on the MH and what I think was a lantern were randomly replaced with a shrunken skybox tex.

Map wise I have to say I'm not a fan. The arcitecture was pretty good, and the gameplay was well balanced. There were a few z-fighting instances etc but nothing major. The problem is that the textures made the low texture resolution far more glaring than the original do. It makes the map feel cheap. 
Great To See This Released! 
i am away for around 3 weeks on vacation; all outstanding map reviews at my site will take place when i return! 
Skybox In FitzQuake 
Sorry my bad, I mixed the PCXs with the trouble we had before in Bastion with JPGs. PCXs or TGAs both load fine in FQ. I'd still be interested in the original 24-bit skybox though, if it exists.

Another thing I've noticed while playing; the kill count seem way off. Is it the old fish bug or have I missed some areas?

Metlslime: Is there any manual way to workaround for FQ skybox replacing textures in these maps? Especially in the swamp map it was terrible. 
Congrats on getting this out the door. A lot of unique and well-made maps in this pack: don't miss it. The boss map is a great challenging fight for sure. Atmospheric throughout as well.

UWF will do the review for this one rather than me, since I've already beta-tested two rounds of this pack. Of course, waiting that long for a review sucks, so perhaps someone else would guest review it? 
aw man... figures the map gets released the day before i leave for a week. :P now i have to wait until saturday to play! shame on you! :D 
Earth to Quake players...




(and if anyone thinks there is plenty of enough ammo, then all other good Quake maps must, by a matter of comparative logic, have had far too much ammo almost without exception. Which they don't.)

P.S. Towne.v.2 is excellent apart from that, and the boat map was pretty neat. 
Ok, Ok! 
No I agree with Shambler and Vondur.
I ran out of ammo as well and had to godmode
to complete the map!
That was a hell of a lot shamblers and fiends to ax - my finger is still sore! 
I've Just Reached 
the town and in the previous map (Queen), I started to get short of everything except grenades. I hope I'll find some more ammo in the town, since I know there are loads of bad guys there ...

Otherwise really nice maps, architecture, textures and lighting. 
...wasted whole ammo @ boat, so I had to godmoded it, especially that I haven't found the gl. 
Damn. It. Looks like I'll have to take some beasties out of that endgame for #4 then. This is what comes of having a Tronyn testing for you.

(Actually, I'll probably rip out most if not all monsters inside the lesser buildings. Make it safer to get goodies and leave most of the streetfighting. It's rather hard to check things when you feel sick of it after two minutes.)

Once in town, check out the two-storey building directly ahead. Ammo, health and armour. Guarded, alas, but that's life.

There's a GL in the warehouse with the silver key door on some crates. There's also one in map #2, on that plateau with the wooden ramp that rises out of the water. Evidently I need to make 'em more obvious. Hnngh. 
Meh Bad 
I should have said more about the game play in that spot than I did (like Tronyn, I like to engage the knights in psycho-sicko knife fights). A bit distracted by the celestial textures (not your doing!) on the ammo boxes, I remember, but it still deserved more than an Owen Wilson quip. 
and I only had to give myself 100 shells to make it through Towne. If I hadn't been so aware of the severe ammo shortage beforehand, things would've been impossible at the end. I also had some packet overflows in Towne.

My main problem was actually to find the silver key, there were so many houses with so many doors, floors and rooms.

Fatty: If you're going to do something about fc1m4, add more shells and spikes, at least 100-200 more of each. Especially shells was extremely short in the whole pak.

Endgame was fun and surprisingly easy with the items at hand. Overall a very nice pak but with an unfortunate shortage of ammo. 

Simply plop into the directory.

A revised full pack has been uploaded and should percolate through FP by Wednesday.

Slightly fewer monsters, some moved, more ammo. 
Silver Keys... 
I found 3 in T.v.2, and the two gold keys of course. Heh. 
Here's soething that seems to happen rather a lot...

Also, he seems to pain rather a lot, maybe a 2 second gap between pains would have made him less of a dancing queen. :-)

Also, he carries a regular gun, except when he pains (and fires?) when he suddenly has a crossbow.

That all sounds a bit negative. On to more positive things: This was a really well concieved and executed episode (ammo shortage in the town aside). The architecture was very nicely realised and often nicely understated. Lovely use of decorative textures.

Gameplay was very good, I especially liked wandering through the three almost identical empty crypts, slowly going round and round and ever upwards and then triggering in the monsters and having to fight your way back again.

I suppose I should download the rebalanced patch now and then try it on nightmare. :-) 
A Masterpiece! 
Bravo Fat Controller, bravo.

Really great pack. Loved the monsters and the great attention to detail. Even little things like the prefabs, which were new to me anyway.

I Finished First Release Without Cheats... 
... on skill 2 but that was only because I got a good heads up about ammo shortages on this thread. I deliberately tried to use the ax where I could and needless to say, my health reflected that. I tried to conserve right from the start.

This was a very nice cohesive map pack with a journey like feel. It was nice to see 'remixes' of the Swamp and Towne. I found all secrets without cheating although I had to go back to an older saved game to take the proper 'gamble' in Towne.

The swamp was dreary and swampy and rich with atmosphere. The crypt, while somewhat too bright to be really scary was quite cool and had good combat. The steamship was good too - I remember that the Cryptic Passage addon for Blood 1 was really well made and this brought back a sense of it (along with swamp.) The Towne was fun to explore but the scarcity of ammo was really felt when the heat came on. A lot of saves and reloads and a constant attempt to get the right infights started got me through the major shambler, fiend and wizard (whatever those things are) assault. I barely made it through. I did get some packet overflows, some invisible enemies and sound stutter but not enough to spoil this map. There were some minor aesthetic flaws where doors would slide open and poke out the side of the buildings (at least two cases of this). Also, in the one big crate room where you get a silver key, it was possible to get stuck between rafters and crates in one corner. Pretty minor stuff though, this map was an explorer's delight. I like these old style buildings and I had to explore every cellar and attic. In the endgame, I only killed three enemies - the rest killed each other. That was fun.

The archers and crossbow enemies blended in nicely. Also, the use of plants, pots and other models to add detail really enhanced the appearance of the maps along with the softer lighting.

Nice set of levels. Great work Fatty, hope you enjoy your new home. 
At This Time,

474 downloads -- it should hit 500 soon. Gives me a warm one all in side in the old blood pumper. 
I Think That's Something To Do With PQ's Pimpage. 
In other news, I may introduce a garden gnome in E Motel.

A psycho garden gnome who has a habit of biting intruders in the nuts. 
I Remember A Short Girl In High School 
who would do that.

It wasn't nearly as fun as it may sound. 
That Makes You An Intruder 
doesn't it? Maybe you shouldn't stalk little girls, sicko! 
she couldn't get her little legs up high enough for a good smashing kick in the balls. You do what you can with what you have. 
Just played through last night with all fixes & patches done, very enjoyable.

Loved the town map, really nice. Exploration on that scale is seldom seem in Quake maps, and works really well imo.

ammo/health was fine with the patches, had troiuble on the final boss and had to encourage quite a lot of in-fighting to get the job done :)

Really nice pack overall. Ship ride was a novel touch :) 
Very Good Pack 
I loved it all except the ship level, the scale did nto seem right in that one at all. the other maps were very well made though. And its an absolute blast when patched up, I gave up on it till fatty knidly patched it up as it was too hard for me.

The end fight was brutal, but the baron himself was too easy because he was in pain mode for way too long. 
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