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Can I Say 'Machinima' Here?
'Cuz I'm fiddling about in GtkRadiant for JK series with a view to making a series of small episodes, and would appreciate any helpful insights you guys might have.

I'm not a newbie, BTW. Sort of 'intermediate' user - no expert, though!
List Of Words That Are Banned 

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Right Ho' 
I'll take that as a 'no', then.

You Forgot 'nexuiz' 
that's also blacklisted, I believe ;) 
I Wouldn't Take That As A 'no'... 
...but I don't really understand what it is you want, is it insights on machinima, radiant or pie? 
Mmm Pie 
Insight On Pie Is Always Appreciated 
Well, Since You Asked... 
I just wondered if anyone might have some hard-won advice for working with 'machinima' within Radiant.

For instance: is the 'Camera Properties' dialogue box within GtkRadiant a gateway into cut-scenes (it has options for 'targets' and even what looks like a basic timeline) or will I be disappointed?

I just can't find any references to making cut-scenes with Radiant on any of the usual websites!

That's why I came here - you guys seem to know what you're doing with this stuff - if you've got any pointers or links I'd really appreciate it. 
A Geuss 
but cutscenes in JK are probably done using the games scripting language, which I am not familiar with (sorry).

Not much help I know, have you looked at the Unreal Tournament 2003/4 matinee system? Its a very powerful cutscene tool that is integrated into UED3.0 and people have been making some very cool stuff with it. The intro sequences to both ut2k3/4 were both done using it. 
Radiant Can Be Used For That Purpose 
if the scripting is coded in the game that you are targeting. The way entities and entity properties are handled in Radiant does not in anyway put a limitation on what you can do with the entites.

For instance, take Custents the Quake 1 package. I have used it for machinima purposes in the past with Radiant as it has cut scene entities and actor properties built in.

It all depends on what is in the .def file that comes with the game set up.

Since I despise JK2 as a game and on a conceptual level, I can't help you with anything in relation to that particular game. However, if JK2 has built in demo recording capabilaties, it may not matter. Uwe Girlich's Open Demo can be used with any of the QuakeArena engine based games as the basis of the virtual 'camera' work. Here is the link. 
Thanks For The Link 
I'll go take a look - and I'll continue snooping about in Radiant. I'm sure there is a way to get cut-scenes done with it, but I guess I've got a fight on my hands.

*pulls up sleeves*

I'm goin' in...! 
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