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Q2DM: Aces And Eights
For those who haven't seen it, Jester has released a cool, medium-sized Q2DM. It makes good use of Speedy's Andromeda texture set, and is probably worth checking out for that alone.



Jester's Site
I said in GA once before that this was one hell of a fine map.

Only a few points got me. Layout is good, but there are WAY too many stairs. Everything's up and down up and down over and over and over. Makes movement difficult.

Also, the teleporters don't really scream out what they are, really a pet peave of mine. Teleporters should be quickly recognizable if you deviate from the game's standard.

Really wish this had been a Q3 map, some extra shader effects and such, this map would've been one of the best. 
The screenshots alone make me want to re-install q2.

...and thats saying something! </cheapshot> 
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